January 2017 in Benjamin Preschools

Trnavska Preschool

Throughout the month of January we had perfect winter weather. We enjoyed playing outside in the snow, observing snow and ice. We now know that during the winter months some animals hibernate and some have less food because everything is covered in snow. During our walk to the local city park we noticed that squirrels were not there because they are hibernating. But, we saw many hungry ducks! So on our next walk we took some bread with us and we fed them.

Myslenicka Preschool

Preschool Class

The topics for the month of January were Winter and Community helpers in the preschool class. One day we talked about construction workers and their job, what they do, what buildings they build. We talked about many kinds of bridges - over rivers, roads, and their sizes. Then we did an experiment. Using play dough and sticks we tried to make a sturdy bridge that could carry bottles to prove it could carry heavy loads. First, Ms. Suzy tried one and the kids guessed how many bottles it could carry (in a bag). The children could not believe that play dough and sticks could be so strong! Then kids made their own bridge. They were divided into 3 teams and they did a great job! They not only had fun during this experiment but also learned how to work in a team. One of the team´s bridges could carry all 10 full bottles! They were very proud of themselves. January

Kindergarten Class

January was a month full of exciting science experiments for us Kindergarteners. The kids found the "Growing a Pink Crystal" as the most interesting one. Firstly, we had to prepare all the needed materials, then we brainstormed what we would do, how we would do it, and what the results would be. The goal was that a pink crystal would grow on a stone. The growing had to take about 3 weeks and so the kids had to learn how to observe and be patient. In the end we are happy to say that the crystal has grown and we will definitely keep observing it. Science is fun!

Senec Preschool

2 - 3 Year Old Class

The month of January was all about wonderful colors. We learned about some famous artists. We explored pop art for a kids’ project inspired by Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol was an American artist who was a leading figure in the art movement known as “Pop Art.” His art explored many different types of media including drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, silk screening, sculpture, film, and music. The paintings for the January inspiration are from his Flowers series. The second very famous artist who inspired this project was the Russian painter, Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky is known as one of the first pioneers of modern abstract painting. He started to learn about art on his own at the age of 30. While studying art, one artist he was particularly impressed by was Claude Monet. Kandinsky admired his powerful use of color and the almost abstract quality of his haystack paintings. The painting project that inspired us for the first week of January was Circles. Kandinsky explored the use of color and geometric shapes in many of his paintings.

4 - 6 Years Old Class

The new year is here and we were busy as bees learning new things. The whole month of January was packed with activities and lots of new knowledge. In math, we learned about number families, what it means and how to create one. Adding 2 different numbers which give us the same result means a family of numbers. So, for example, a number family of 10 is created by adding 2 different numbers and the result of the addition is number 10, such as 7+3=10,8+2=10, 6+4=10, 5+5=10, 1+9=10, 0+10=10. We now understand that we can make number 10 in more than one way, by adding different numbers. We also tried it with other numbers: 9, 7, 6 etc. We had a lot of fun learning!

English Club

During the month of January in Ms. Nicole’s class, the children listened to the story Dr. Nicholas is Ridiculous, by Dan Gutman from the “Weird School” series. Listening to stories read aloud enhances comprehension skills, improves vocabulary as well as pronunciation. It is also entertaining and relaxing to sit back, and hear a good story. We all enjoyed the humor in the book and also the storyline. We would recommend any of Dan Gutman’s books to any avid readers out there.