February 2017 in Benjamin Preschools

Trnavska Preschool

February was a busy month. We learned about colors and shapes and we had an experiment to do with Skittles. You place Skittles around a plate and then pour water on them to make this awesome trick happen. You let the water dissolve the sugar and the coloring in the Skittles. Then the sugar and the coloring begin to diffuse into the water. Since the sugar water is denser than the water, it moves toward the lowest portion of the plate quickly. This is why you see these nice streaks of color. Diffusion and gravity work together to make this trick awesome! The kids liked it and you can try it at home too!

Senec Preschool

2-3 year old class

In February we celebrated Valentine´s Day and we talked about the importance of sharing, giving, loving and friendship. At home the kids prepared homemade presents for each friend, and then gave them out in preschool. We danced together and we learned a new poem. We love Valentine´s Day, and showing our friends how much we love each of them.

4-6 year old class

Many fun activities awaited us in February, such as the 100th day of school, Valentine’s day and Art days with Ľudovít Fulla art work. To balance all the fun we also learned a lot during our academic time. Among the many academic activities, we managed to cover this month, was also a sensory walk.

Even though it is a short walk, it can go a long way in heightening children's awareness. Sensory experiences are an important part of child development, but many sensory activities only utilize the hands, so we created one for our feet. Our feet are just as sensitive as our hands and this activity allows children the experience of learning, exploring, and feeling with their feet. We walked on smooth, prickly, rough and uneven surfaces. Some parts were pleasant and others not so much, some were hurting our feet and some gave us a lovely massage. We took our time and walked slowly to make discoveries of our feelings at each sensory station. We enjoyed it very much and hope to do it again.

Myslenicka Preschool

Preschool Class

The children in the preschool class have been counting the days of school since the beginning of the school year. They not only learned how to count in ones and tens, but they were told from the beginning that we want to get to a big number- 100. And when we spend 100 days in the preschool we can celebrate this special day and learn more about this number. That day came on February 17th. We learned that having 10 straws in 10 packs is 100, we also learned that 100 can look differently when counting 100 candies or doing 100 jumps (10 kids jumped 10 jumps) or when we prepared 10 food groups containing 10 things. We also made a headband saying "I am 100 days smarter" :). Now we will see what number we will get to on the last day of preschool. Let´s keep counting!

Kindergarten Class

In February we had another fun experiment in the Kindergarten class. It was an experiment with ice. We wanted to find out how ice would melt the fastest, and we had four options: ice in salt, ice in sugar, ice in water, and just ice. Everyone made their own prediction about which would melt the fastest. Then we set a timer, and checked the ice after 10 minutes, and another 10 minutes, and then after 5 minutes. Then we observed the results and talked about why they put salt on icy roads, and why there was MORE water in the ice and water bowl. Do you know which one melted the fastest? Ask a Kindergartener to find out! We had a great time and enjoyed doing everything in this experiment by ourselves! Learning IS fun!

English Club

Miss Zuzka's class enjoyed playing games with Miss Nicole's kids in English Club. The older kids prepared different games for their younger friends, then they introduced the game and the rules and they helped them with playing. We all liked it a lot!