March 2017 in Benjamin Preschools

Trnavska preschool

The kids from the Trnavská preschool went to "Malokarpatské museum" to see the Salvator Dalí exhibition: Dreams. The kids had a chance to see the museum, which is a sight with an interesting interior. They showed us a short movie which was made by Walt Disney with co-operation with Salvator Dalí. Then we talked about our dreams, we tried to draw our dreams as artists draw illustrations for books. The kids know now that Salvator Dalí was an artist with a great imagination and made many famous works of art.

Senec Preschool

2-3 Year old class

4-6 year old class

The month of March was dedicated to a well-known author, Dr. Seuss. We read many books written by him, some are funny, some are silly, some teach us new things and some teach us how to read and rhyme. We loved reading a book called The Lorax. Lorax is a magical creature who speaks for trees, fish and birds and teaches us all about the environment and how to take care of our planet Earth and what we can do to make a difference. It is important to keep our planet clean, plant new trees, be gentle with nature and recycle as many things as possible, for example paper, glass, plastic, metals, old clothes and other items. We now know that nature and the balance in it is fragile and we are here to protect her and not destroy her. The future of our planet Earth is in our hands.

Myslenicka Preschool

Preschool Class

After a long and cold winter we could not wait any longer for the season coming next - spring! That, and plants, were the units in the preschool class in the month of March. We talked about different kinds of trees, the parts of a flower, the parts of a tree, and we did some planting, too. The children planted a sunflower seed and they could see how it grows. We also planted some flowers outside and we found out that the flower pots do not very look nice. The children got excited to help and we stuck some old tiles on them. We also found some worms and made a little terrarium - we put some rocks, soil and leaves as food for the worms. Spring allows us to be little scientists and that´s what children really love to do!

Kindergarten Class

During the month of March the Kindergarten class learned all about time. We first learned about morning, afternoon, and evening. Then we learned about clocks and watches. We made our own clocks and learned that a clock has a minute hand and an hour hand, and sometimes a second hand too! We learned that there are 60 seconds in one minute, and 60 minutes in one hour. We talked about what we can do in one minute, and what takes longer than one minute. We learned how to tell time to the hour and to the half hour. We even learned about days, months, and years. We now know that there are 7 days in a week, 12 months in a year, and 365 days in a year. There is so much to learn about time!

English Club

Do you think kids should go to school on Saturday? Should animals be kept in cages? Should kids wear uniforms to school? This month in Ms. Nicole’s group in English Club we explored these topics through debate. The class was split into 2 groups, one group had to debate for a topic, and the other against. It was a bit tricky when someone had to debate on a topic they disagreed with, but everyone did a great job and practiced their speaking skills and tried to convince the other group they were right.