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April 2017 in Benjamin Preschools

Senec Preschool

2-3 year old class

Earth Day was a great time to do many fun, educational, and actionoriented activities. Celebrating Earth Day on April 21st was a great way for our preschool to showcase classroom environmental education, highlight efforts to "green" the school facilities, and engage the whole school community in making a difference. We talked about things that we are able to recycle and how we can reuse the recycled material to create new things and give them new life. We planted new trees and vegetables in our garden. The children learned the importance of waste separation and use of water in a sensible way. Thanks to Earth day, the children understood that we have to appreciate, love and take care of our planet Earth.

4-6 year old class

The topic for this month was means of transportation and road safety. We have talked about the many different ways to move around from place to place and what we use depending on how far we are going. It is important that children realize that there is no need to use a car all the time. If we go shopping in a nearby shop we can walk or go by bicycle and prevent streets from getting overcrowded with cars and the air polluted from car smog. A very important part of our discussions was talking about traffic rules and road safety. It is essential that we follow all the traffic signs whether we are in the car or just walking outside. We explained what the main traffic signs mean and how to behave when we are part of the road traffic. We have to act responsibly and listen to the adults who are with us in order to stay safe.

Trnavská Preschool

We spent April learning about community helpers. Our visit to the Pezinok Police Station was very exciting! The kids met police officers and sat in a police car or on a police motorcycle. We peeked into the prison, too! It was great to see some community helpers in real life and we are happy that we had the chance.

Myslenická Preschool

Preschool Class

The preschool children had a great unit in April to explore - My body and healthy nutrition. They loved the books about the amazing human body, and they liked to hear about our body systems and to hear what we have to do to keep our body working well. We made a book about the body systems in our science classes. We explored the functions of our body organs, our skin, muscles, skeleton and more. After talking about healthy nutrition we made a poster about the food pyramid. The children learned what food groups we should eat daily and in bigger portions and which we should eat only a little of. It was sad for them to hear that chocolate is on the top of the pyramid so it means to eat only a little :-) I gave every child a page from a magazine, and they had to cut the pictures and stick it to the correct group. We are looking forward to another busy month!