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May 2017 in Benjamin Preschools

Trnavska Preschool

Our kids performed at the end of the year show at the Pezinok Community Center. We walked "through the forest" as animals, walked through the meadow, skipped down the forest trail, balanced on a log over the rushing stream, twirled with the leaves, we crawled through the dark tunnel and we happily marched back home. Each part of the story was followed by classical music which corresponded with the text. The kids did a great job practicing for the show and performing on the stage. Since it was Mother’s Day, we also sang a song for our dear moms and we gave them flowers as we really appreciate all that moms do for us.

Myslenicka preschool

  • Preschool Class

During the month of May, the preschool class learned all about animals. Everyone likes animals and there are so many kinds to choose to love! Or, as we say, we like all animals and it is important to protect them. We were also lucky to see some animals in our playground - bees, a slug, a worm, a snail and a beautiful night butterfly. We talked about the animal groups - mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects. The children learned what is typical for every group. When talking about birds and amphibians, we did experiments. Penguins belong to the group birds and they live in cold places. How come they can swim in such cold water? Do they get wet? We colored a picture of a penguin with crayons and sprayed the picture with blue colored water. We could see the drops of water staying on the colored penguin and not soaking into the paper. So the kids learned penguins have some kind of fat that keeps them dry. The next science class we talked about frogs and their life cycle. What amazing changes take place before they look like a frog that we all know. To begin the lesson we watched a video showing how it all starts. First they are eggs, then a tadpole, then a froglet and finally a frog. We loved this unit!

  • Kindergarten Class

During the month of May the Kindergarten class began reviewing all concepts that we learned this year, since the end of the school year is coming. We worked a lot on reading, and writing sentences. We know that a sentence has to begin with a capital letter, and end with a period or a question mark. We also learned that a sentence is made up of words, and those words need spaces between them, otherwise it makes the sentence hard to read! We practiced putting the words from a sentence in the correct order, writing the sentence, and of course, reading it. We especially liked the sentences we could read about ourselves, for example: Ms. Nicole likes the color yellow. Sarka likes dogs. We like to play at Benjamin. Well done to all the Kindergarteners!

Senec Preschool

  • 2-3 year old class

There is something very therapeutic about playing with salty-dough. I know saltydough drives some parents crazy - no matter how hard you try you always seem to get it on the bottom of your shoes and track it around the house, but I feel the benefits far outweigh the mess. Salty-dough is the work of the child. Children enjoy every aspect of the exploration of salty-dough. Using this amazing material is a never ending tactile learning experience for all children. When given salty-dough, children are instinctively motivated to explore its soft and responsive sensory qualities. They squeeze it, poke it, squash it, pick it up and pat it down. The dough responds to each of their actions and the child is learning that their actions have consequences. Working salty-dough with their hands develops the child’s large and small muscles and aids eye-hand coordination. It helps to improve fine motor skills which is beneficial to daily activities. Using salty-dough is a calming activity. Children work their stress out through their hands, so salty-dough is not only loads of fun, but can be another useful way to help your children to release stress.