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Jun 2017 in Benjamin Preschools

Trnavska Preschool

  • 2-3 year old class

Kids love cooking and baking, so we made crackers last month at preschool. Everyone wanted to cut with the cookie cutters. They were really helping and they enjoyed the activity. And then eating was fun too.

  • 3-4 year old class

In June the kids from the 3-4 year old class slept overnight in the preschool. It was a great experience with lots of fun: games, a movie, pizza, dancing, painting, and reading. The kids enjoyed this night even though there were some tears, but when the parents came in the morning, the kids wanted to stay longer.

Myslenicka Preschool

  • Preschool Class

We had a month full of poems, stories and rhymes in the preschool class. The children learned that people did not have telephones, televisions, iPads or other devices for reading, playing and they recited poems generation after generation. Nowadays we sing or say poems which are old and maybe really happened or maybe not. So in the preschool class we read, sung and learned some nursery rhyme songs. We also played musical instruments while singing and we made a book of nursery rhymes. The children were illustrators - they had to make the cover page and they were also book makers because they had to put the pages in the correct order. From now on they can read they own rhymes at home.

  • Kindergarten Class

During the month of June, the kindergarten class had a special visitor come to see them. It was actually Ms. Lexi’s brother, and he is an instructor of a special method called “Wim Hof” which involves special breathing techniques and the health benefits of bathing in cold water. Martin loves playing on Djembe drums and brought them with him. Everyone got a chance to try out the big and small drums, and he explained how they work, why they have a hole in them, and how to play them. After we tried them out we all played instruments together like in an orchestra. We learned how to feel the rhythm of the music, and to create different sounds. A Djembe drums has bass tones and high tones. After that we had snack and then played a game to better our concentration skills, called “Look into somebody’s soul” (through their eyes). We sat in pairs and looked into somebody’s eyes for 2 minutes without talking or moving. It was a new and fun experience for us and we enjoyed it a lot. Thanks so much for visiting us, Martin!

Senec Preschool

Wednesday, June 14th, was a big day for all the children from our Benjamin Senec location. They all had a big show on a stage at the Senec Community Center. Some of the Graduates have been with Benjamin from the first year of this location opening. They have been through days when there were 6 children in the whole preschool and now they stood up on a big stage in a big crowd full of their fellow Benjamin classmates :) We are very proud of your progress and all your success make us happy. We grew together and you will always be an important part of us. We wish you all the best in the upcoming years in school and we hope you never forget about all the fun times you had at Benjamin.