October 2017 in Benjamin Preschools

Trnavska Preschool

In October we learned about colors.

The children tried a "Fun Paper Towel Experiment" where you mix colors. First, we got out seven cups, four of which we filled half-full with water. We added food coloring to those half-filled glasses. Two were with red coloring, one with yellow, and the one was other blue.

Then we folded up paper towels and placed them in both the colored cups and the empty one next to it. After some time, we started to see the colors start to mix as they came out of one glass and went into the other.

It was amazing for us to observe the color mixing process. The children had a lot of fun. Haven´t you ever tried this experiment?

Do you like the color red? We tried to learn about colors in a fun way and we dressed in red during our red color day. You can try other colors too. Have fun!

Myslenicka Preschool

Another great month came and went for our preschoolers. In October we already got used to the routine,we got familiar with the new classroom and became friends with our big friends, the kindergartners. Beside talking about the Seasons,singing new songs,learning letters and new words...it was time to start to explore the world of numbers.

Every week we explored numbers and had math lessons in different ways. We also used the gifts from "Mother Nature". For example, we used pine cones,chestnuts, and leaves. We also had a lot of fun with dominoes. We used different techniques to divide the domino dots by numbers. Moreover, we used our creativity and made some creations out of the chestnuts and numbers, and we ended up with a picture of the moon.Can you see it too? We do:). Prepositions of places were also part of our Math lessons and so we have used our little owl and put her in different positions with the Montessori cubes and we had a lot of fun, and we were especially fascinated by the word "between."

Senec Preschool

Friday, the 6th of October, was a very exciting day. We went on a field trip to Bibiana – the International House of Art for Children to see an exhibition on Emotions.

The bus ride was wonderful and we arrived safely to Bratislava. We had our snack before we went to Bibiana. It seemed that we were the tourist attraction too, since many foreign tourists took photos of us walking nicely down the Hviezdoslavovo Square.

Once we entered, the exhibition took over all our senses. There were many interactive exhibits and the guide explained what all the different rooms and colors meant and what and how to play the games. We learnt about different emotions from sadness, depression through excitement to happiness and fear. Emotions are ancient control mechanisms driving our bodies to act; when we are scared we flee, when we are sad we cry, when we are happy we laugh etc.. All living organisms tend to move from dangerous and unpleasant situations to the pleasant and relaxing ones. Surprise, sadness, anger, joy and fear are life’s foundation for noble structures such as a sense of truth, nobility, curiosity and frustration as well.

We tried all the activities and enjoyed all the different exhibition rooms to the max. We hope to go on another exciting trip soon.

English Club

Miss Zuzka's group really enjoys "Show and Tell". The kids love to bring their favorite toys (big or small), presents and special objects to share with their friends. The idea is to get the children to talk - they have to say at least three sentences about the object. And if they forget to bring something from home, they can choose anything from their backpack, pencil case or clothing to talk about. Another option is to "tell" - share their adventure, trip, dream, etc... And you can believe me, we've already seen and shared a lot of interesting things for show and tell:-)