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November 2017 in Benjamin Preschool

Senec Preschool

November was dedicated to multicultural studies and Stanko’s mum, Mrs. Paštrnáková, offered to tell us all about Brazil. We learnt that Brazil is a huge country in South America, and the people of Brazil speak Portuguese. The largest river in the world, the Amazon, runs through Brazil, and is home to a very rare pink river dolphin called Boto. Brazil is famous for its rainforest and football, carnival and samba, good food and great beaches. Stanko’s mum made us yummy traditional cheese bread called Pão de Queijo and we loved the taste of it. We enjoyed eating the Brazilian flag made out of fruits too, and danced to music to get that Brazilian carnival feel. It was a wonderful lecture and we wish we could learn about all the countries this way.

Myslenicka Preschool

The topic of November for the children at the Myslenicka branch of Benjamin was Multicultural Education. Both the preschoolers, and the kindergarten class learned many interesting things about the countries of the world. We learned that every country has a flag, and that flag is the symbol of the country. We learned that every country has their own language, special foods, music, and animals. We learned about the 7 continents and we learned a lot about the country we live in: Slovakia.

In November, we had some special guests at our preshool. Jurko's daddy came and taught us about a neighboring country to Slovakia- Hungary. We liked watching the Hungarian cartoons and eating a yummy Hungarian treat. Jurko's mommy came another day and taught us about the U.S.A. We learned about the flag, and enjoyed eating popcorn. Do you know where corn comes from?

We had a great month full of lots of learning and exciting activities!

Trnavska Preschool

In November we learned about our bodies and body parts. It was very interesting to discover how our body works. Air is all around us, and invisible, which makes it an interesting and challenging science concept for preschoolers. Without air, we wouldn’t be alive. Breathing provides air to our lungs, which help us move and be active. To learn more about air, the children sat on the floor and placed their hands on their stomachs, feeling their bodies moving while breathing air. We also used straws to fill plastic bags (lungs) with air . The kids ran around and jumped many times and they saw what happened to their breathing. Being physically active causes our bodies to require more air.

English Club

In English Club during the month of November we had one student participate in the Bratslam Poetry Competition at the Hilton Double Tree Hotel in Bratislava. That student was Martin Kojda. He wrote and presented the poem at the competition on Saturday, November 11. Although Martin did not win any prize, we are very proud of him for all his effort and hard work. It takes a lot of hard work to write a poem, and courage to present it in front of a large group of people, and other students. Well done, Martin! For his efforts, Martin received a special congratulations from Ms. Nicole and a yummy box of chocolates.