January 2018 in Benjamin Preschool

Senec Preschool

Do you know what is new at Benjamin Senec?

Many children celebrating their 4th birthday means that our Zebra group is growing in number, and for that reason we needed to rearrange our big classroom. So one Saturday morning in January, all the teachers from Benjamin Senec came to preschool and worked all day long to make this magic happen. It seemed like the job would never be done after we realized how many things, toys, books and resources we actually have. But before the end of the day, we could leave with smiles on our faces and we were curious to see how the children would react to it on the following Monday. The happy faces of the children revealed that our mission was successful. We created two individual working stations, 1 for the Zebra group and 1 for the Dolphin group. They prefer working separately because they work at different paces and levels of difficulty. We extended our academic and learning area, and brought more educational and creative toys and board games from the store. The play area is separate from our working area, so the toys are not tempting and disruptive during our academic time.

The children and teachers alike are happy and we feel the positive energy flowing smoothly through the classroom.

Trnavska Preschool

In January, we learned about the seasons. This helps children understand the passage of time and teaches them about change. We focused on seasonal changes of trees. Every day we colored trees different colors and talked about each season.

Summer, fall, winter, spring,

What will each season bring?

Summer brings fun. I play all day in the bright, hot sun.

Fall is here and what do I see? Leaves of red and gold on every tree.

Winter brings cold winds that blow, and sometimes fluffy, white, snow.

Spring brings weather that is just right, for you and me to fly a kite.

Summer, fall, winter, spring, now I know what the seasons bring. Each season is special as can be. Special to you and special to me.

Myslenicka Preschool

Can you imagine one of the coolest months,January,without any ice and snow science experiments? We can’t, and so we had a lot of fun and have learned new and amazing things.

In the Preschool and Kindergarten classrooms, we were talking about how fast ice can melt and where and how it melts faster and why. We compared pure ice with ice in our hands, ice on the heater , and ice under water of different temperatures and also snow.We were also talking about the shape that ice turns into and that it actually depends on what container the water freezes in. Water turning into ice always copies the shape of the container. It can be a circle shape, a cube, oval, star...any shape. Finally, we understood why we put salt on icy roads and not sugar. We had a bowl of ice with sugar, a bowl with salt and a bowl with just ice.First we made a prediction followed by observation and ended up with a conclusion. The bowl with only ice and especially the bowl with the salt melted the fastest.Freezing fun;)

English Club

During the month of January in English Club, both groups worked on similar grammar topics. In Ms. Zuzka's class, the kids worked on different types of sentences, what every sentence should have (punctuation and capital letter at the beginning) and the "who" of the sentence (subject) and the "what" of the sentence (action part). In Ms. Nicole's class, the kids worked on naming the verbs in a sentence, and more concretely, the action verb, main verb, linking verb, and helping verb.

After all the talk about sentences, every was happy to have some joint time together where the older kids in English Club could try out what it is like to be a teacher. Each group had one older student and a few younger ones. They read a story together and their "teacher" led games in English. This was fun for many, and everyone had to use their English skills in their small group. Well done to all members of English Club in January!