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May 2018 in Benjamin Preschool

Myslenicka Preschool

May was for us,the Preschoolers,full of exciting moments and we have decided to share with you our Walking Rainbow Science Experiment.

We love rainbow activities and especially this one. It was magical! We used 7 cups in all. In the first, third, fifth and seventh cups, we poured in water and added food coloring. Then we took paper towels and folded them in half and we connected the cups together, one half in one cup and the second half in the other cup. And then we waited to see what would happen.

Soon we were able to see that the water had crawled all the way up the paper towel and began to "walk" back down into the empty cup next to it.

Since the cup on either side of an empty cup had different colored water in it,the two colors began to mix in the empty cup. Wow! Magic or Science?:)

Of course before we could see the final result we also made some predictions on paper. We observed the cups with walking water after a few minutes, a few hours and even after a day.

Trnavska Preschool

In May we had 3 special visitors connected with the topic "Animals." A rabbit named "Poky," a water turtle named "Ebi," and a dog named"Spoty." It was great that the children could see real animals. Some children were afraid at first, but then they saw that these animals are friendly. Animals need to be taken care of: food, water, and a place to sleep and, of course, our love. The children had many questions and we hope that this experience will be remembered, especially for the kids who are not so familiar with pets.

Senec preschool

In the month of May we celebrated Mother’s day and it was a perfect time when we could show our love and gratitude to our lovely mums. Mums are actually the people who play the most significant role in our life. No matter what, mum will build her dreams only around ours. We discussed what to do for them, well, to tell the truth, you just need to plan something that will melt their heart on Mother’s Day and so we decided to create a thoughtful gift and a beautiful handmade card with a heart-warming message inside. Each one of us told our mum how much we loved her and how much we cared. Mum is the one who keeps showing us the right path in life at every stage. So, we should love her, honour her and respect her love!

Hope all mums had a wonderful Mother’s Day filled with love, laughter and happiness.

English Club

Miss Zuzka's English Club class enjoyed playing some new guessing games in May. One of them is called "What am I?" Some of the things are easier and some are really hard to guess! You have to be able to ask the right questions because for every answer "NO" you have to pay with one of your 10 stones. If you run out of them before you guess what you are, you are out! So the lesson for us is to really think about what you are asking.

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