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June 2018 in Benjamin Preschool

Trnavska Preschool

In June, we had Sports' Day. All the children wanted to excercise and we had lots of fun, cheers and interesting activities. We all burned lots of energy, and the children's confidence grew as they accomplished tasks which they have never done before, and at the same time they learned something new. All the students got a small present for being a good sport and also ice cream. We celebrate Children's Day with sports every year. What a great day!


Kindergarten Class

During the month of June we had lots of fun activities at Benjamin Myslenicka. Here are two of them: first. we had a special visitor, a guinea pig named Rosie. She spent some time in our classroom and we got to observe her, feed her, draw her, and even pet her. We learned about what guinea pigs eat, and how to take care of them. We learned that it is important to be gentle with animals and treat them kindly.

Another fun activity was making a healthy snack. We made strawberry banana smoothies, and everyone got to help somehow. We also made "fruit on a stick" with blueberries and grapes. We made these healthy snacks because we know that healthy food is important for our bodies. And, of course, we drank and ate them all up....YUMMY!

Senec Preschool

The topic of the month of June was ‘Our body’ and we had a lot of learning and exploring to do. We learnt about our muscles, heart and brain and skeleton, but also our internal organs and veins, we talked about different blood types and how well our bodies work. We, now, know that our brain is protected by skull and our heart, lungs and other internal organs are protected by our rib cage, our backbone keeps us walking straight and if we break a bone, it grows back together. We also talked about how to take care of our bodies, outside and inside, and how important healthy food is. We completed our worksheets with healthy food pyramid and talked about the importance of balance between food, exercise (physical and mental) and relaxing. We were amazed at how perfect our bodies are.

English Club

Our last lesson of English Club meant goodbye. Goodbye for the summer for some, goodbye forever for others. After being together for 5 years, the oldest members of English Club attended this lesson for the last time. We know they will continue to do their best, and remember all the good times we shared. For the others, we wish you a relaxing and fun-filled summer break, and we'll see you back in September!

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