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Children from Trnavská visiting their future preschool at Myslenická

This school year is slowly but surely coming to its end and after the summer a new one is waiting for us. Our Benjamin children are growing up and new ones are joining us, this makes for a perfect combination and harmony in every classroom.

We always want to make sure that our children feel happy, comfortable, and secure so we arrange for a smooth transition from one classroom to the next. Every year the children from Trnavska, 3-4 years, have a smooth transition to Benjamin's elder classroom at Myslenicka. Their future Head Teacher Ms. Lexi visits them at Trnavska to introduce herself and spend some time with them. After the introductions the children then come to visit their future classroom and teacher at Benjamin Myslenicka, together with their current Head Teacher Ms. Mary. It’s always amazing to see the sparkles in their eyes discovering the new things. We always try to make the visit special by showing the students all the cool things at our location. We then have an activity, snack together, play, and test our playground with our cool tree house and climbing wall.... All the children get a special diploma, proving that all of them are ready to come to their new Preschool classroom... hooray we can’t wait until September!

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