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Photography Summer Camp: A new Perspective

During Benjamin Summer Camp this year, we studies the basics of photography and learned that taking pictures and editing them is a big part of our lives than we thought. We discovered that a good picture constitutes more of the creativity of the person taking it than the quality of the camera and that everybody's style is different.

Painting with light:

Capturing light on a camera can be messy and chaotic, with the result being unattractive. But when it is done with the right technique, the final picture becomes a masterpiece. With a simple trick of slowing down the shutter speed, allowing it to be open for about 15 seconds, the movement of a phone's flashlight becomes an array of yellow light streaks. With this technique, we were able to practically paint on the night air, which served as our pallet. Weather it were symbols or simplified messages, painting with light honed our creative thinking into producing a full scale picture. ;) (Andy)

Sleep Over last Friday:

The sleepover was a lot of fun. It was Sára's and Hanka's Birthday so we celebrated with a big cake, sang a happy birthday song and continued the party with pizza for dinner. After that we watched a movie called Grown ups 2, during which we ate popcorn and laughed a lot. Before it was time to go to bed, we painted some cool pictures with light, as you can see above. The bed time was around 11 pm and we woke up around 7:30. After breakfast we had a yoga class, the first yoga in our life for some of us and then it was already time to go home. (Michal)

Photo-shoot with props: On the fourth day of summer camp we had this photo shoot with different kinds of props ( flowers, bubbles, books...). I worked with my friend Lili. For our pictures, we used bubbles, colorful balls, jenga pieces, foam circles and the background behind us was white. First I took pictures of Lili and then she took pictures of me. Then we edited the pictures in a program called Lightroom and printed them in the Copy shop. It was a lot of fun! :) (Sárka)

Picture Series:

Our task was to create a picture series with a single theme containing 10-20 pictures. Every person approached this task differently, with some people focusing on the large space around them, while others went deeper into details. Portraits were popular style of taking pictures. The editing of the series improved many aspects of the pictures, while also made them look little more crazy. The different series ended up being unique and personal to us. (Tobias)

Tobi's Series:

Andy's Series:

Adrian's Series:

Lili's Series:

Dominik's Series:

Pali's Series:

Francesco's Series:

Sárka's Series:

Filip's Series:

Michal's Series: