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Benjamin Newsletter - April 2019


We had an absolutely fun-filled April here at Benjamin - Senec. The highlight of our month was celebrating Earth day! We learnt all about the beautiful planet we live on, and how better to take care of it. Our teachers explained to us the importance of recycling our waste for the good of the planet. We took a walk around our neighborhood to see the different colored refuse bins, and in the process learnt about separating waste, and disposing of it in the correct bins as a good way to aid recycling. Some arty blue and green Earth day crafts, games and poems kept us busy all day long. What a fun way to celebrate this very important day!


In April, we learnt about flowers and planting. Our science lessons were about the life cycles of ladybugs and butterflies,as well as the exciting process of germination. Germination is the process by which a plant grows from a seed. We used wheat seed to teach the children about how plants grow.

The seeds quickly grew, and on the second day our first seeds started to root. By the next day we had sprouts as well. In the end, the children were able to take their growing wheat home to show it off to their families.

This was a fantastic first introduction to the process of plant growth.


The month of April held in store a myriad of special days that commemorate Slovak folk traditions. Particularly dear to us, was our celebration of “Vynášanie Moreny”. It is a Slovak tradition whereby we bid farewell to the winter and welcome spring. At the same time, we say goodbye to tiredness and fatigue, whilst welcoming renewed strength and positivity.

In the days leading up to this special celebration, we spoke at length about traditions and sang many folk songs. Finally the day arrived! Together we clad our beautiful wooden Morena in traditional folk dress, and had a parade through our village: Grinava – Pezinok, whilst singing and waving to our neighbors.

We stopped by a local stream in Grinava, and threw the Morena from the bridge into the water. In doing this we symbolically bade farewell to winter and officially welcomed spring. We all had so much fun on this day!

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