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Healthy eating in Benjamin Preschool - Senec

Bear Class

This month in the Bear Class we explored everything about beetroot. (turnip)

Did you know that beetroot is full of vitamin C? Helps to protect you from cancer? You can lower your blood pressure down with this healthy veggie as well help your brain to work better. Helps with digestion and so much more.

We tried how the beetroot tastes when it is fresh, when it is cooked, we chopped it and we made a juice with it. Everyone finds at least one way to taste for him or her.

We were observing how beetroot turn the rice into the pinkish color and also our hands turn red after cutting. :) On the top of it we had a drama lesson: „Enormous Turnip“ and we painted our own planted turnip.

We found out that all of us love at least one variant of this fantastic vegetable!

Try it as well, do not try, do not know. :)

Panda Class

Exposing kids at a young age to real foods with a variety of flavors and textures, allows them to become curious eaters, and to enjoy foods from around the world!

It’s all part of the early years journey of enabling and inspiring a lifetime of healthy eating. Panda class made amazing Apple & Carrot salad.

Our goal was to understand that different apples have different tastes. We also tasted carrots. Carrots, being root vegetables and they are more nutrient-rich as well.

After tasting, we mixed apples and carrots together and made our Salad, which was soo Yummy!

We are looking forward to our next tasting experience!

Disney Class

Recipe: Veggie Egg Omelet (Carrot, Bell Pepper & Onion).

Whether it's for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The major health benefits of Veggie Omelet are:

-packed with protein and healthy fats.

-Eggs help in regulating cholesterol levels in the body and improve eyesight since they are high in Vitamin A. -There is some iodine in eggs too which is good for the thyroid gland.

-quality protein and vitamin B-12, while veggies

-vitamins C and K.

Food tasting from Zdravé Bruško during our Open Door Event

We are very pleased that parents had the chance to meet and chat with our preschool's meal supplier Mr. Kohút during the course of our Open House event in September. It was important to us, that parents also had the opportunity to taste some samples of the healthy and delicious dishes that are lovingly prepared and served throughout the week, during meal times at our preschool.


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