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October 2022 in Benjamin Preschool

Benjamin Pezinok

Ms. Jojka's Class

This beautiful month was full of nice activities dedicated to fall and colors. One of our activities was production of a fall wreath, which the kids could take home and decorate their homes with. Of course, we didn't forget to make one for our class and decorate it too. During this activity kids could practice their fine motor skills. They worked with pom poms and tweezers. It was a lot of fun to take and put pom poms on the right place. Because this month we celebrate one of the kids' most favorite holidays, Halloween, we created a Jack-O-Lantern sensory bin when we colored rice orange and where the kids had a super fun. They love to play there, scoop up and pour over rice.

Ms. Dani's Class

It is that time again! We took down the spring or summer wreath from the front door and hung one with fall color. It is Fall. We celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. We loved to set up a Fall wreath making station and we used anything festive and fall themed. The whole class loved making these wreaths for their parents and also one for our Classroom.

Ms. Suzy's Kindergarten Class

October is the month when we see the fall changes in the nature the most. Summer is gone for good and we say hello to a colorful time. Lucky enough we have the park so close that we can observe so many things there. We saw a squirrel gathering nuts before the winter starts, leaves and horse chest nuts falling down, mushrooms growing. So we picked some natural things and made nice crafts afterwards in the preschool.

Benjamin Senec

Owl Class

With the fall we observed the changes of nature all around us. Leaves on most of the trees change color and later fall to the ground. We collected leaves and chestnuts and made a nice autumn wreath together. The weather in fall is more rainy and cold. But after the rain we put on our rain clothes and jumped in the puddles on our playground. What a fun!

Disney Magic Class

The Halloween spirit in fall cannot miss a creative pumpkin carving activity and funny face designs. The skeleton doll is playful and fun. Moreover, it helps the Disney Magic Class develop gross motor skills. Halloween is a fun holiday but with great emphasis on a sugar coma. As much as we all love a good sugar coma (not really), we focused on the more traditional and exciting aspects of the month of October: collecting colorful leaves and different shapes in the nature from which we created beautiful wreaths.

Kindergarten Class

This month the Kindergarten Class had an enjoyable time during our weekly themed Show and Tell lessons. The most popular theme in October was the "Autumn Mystery Bag". Each child brought an item related to autumn that they could fit into a small bag. At show and tell time each child shared 3 clues about their show and tell, and the rest of the class had to try and guess what was in the Mystery Bag. After each correct guess, the child in the show and tell seat finally revealed what they had in the bag, and also talked about it.

This activity does a great job of focusing on spoken Language Skills and Listening for Information. For young learners, ample listening and speaking practice through games, songs, rhymes and stories is the foundation for conversation and an extended talk, and later reading and writing. A highly motivating guessing game like the Mystery Bag, which gives young learners practice asking and answering questions in an authentic context, can help build this knowledge.


Aktivity na hodinách Elkonina u detí prinášajú radosť a chuť sa opäť niečo naučiť hravou formou. Hlásulienky je nová lekcia, na ňu sa deti už veľmi tešili.

Fonematické rozlišovanie hlások má v našej Kindergarten triede veľký úspech. Každý deň sa posúvame o kúsok bližšie k vytúženému čítaniu.


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