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Elementary Classroom

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List of items to bring:

- Slippers

- Extra clothes - 2 T-shirts, 2 pieces of underwear, 2 pairs of socks, 2 leggings, or long pants (short pants in the summer months). For children that are 2 years old please bring at least 3 pieces of everything

- a signed package of diapers and wet wipes if children are still using diapers

- Raincoat, rain boots, waterproof pants (we go out all year round in every weather condition up to -10 degrees C, so we ask that you to place appropriate clothes into the cubby throughout the school year according to the season)

- A large folder for art works - format A3 and a smaller folder format A4 for a library book that children will borrow from our library on a weekly basis

- A signed water bottle, which we will refill during the day and which you will bring to preschool on a daily basis

- A copy of the child’s insurance card (if you have not yet provided this)

- A small pillow, a blanket and a bedsheet for sleeping - all children except kindergarteners. (kindergarteners no longer bring blankets or pillows.)

- For children in the youngest age group of 2-3 years wearing pajamas for sleeping is optional

- Kindergarteners: exercise shoes in a small textile bag for hanging on a hook + signed

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