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Help us in creating a quality online learning environment for our students. 

For the 2019/2020 school year, according to Centrum Vedecko-Technických Informácií SR, there are roughly 2750+ registered Preschools (Materské školy) in Slovakia. 

As of March 2020, 153 thousand of the nation’s Kindergarten students have been affected by school closures, and educators together with parents are working hard to find creative ways to ensure the essential services that schools provide (quality educational experiences, child care, meals, pedagogical attention, and more…). Families rely on these services and as more and more schools close, we at Občianske združenie (OZ) Benjamin Preschool consider it crucial to find ways to continue providing learning opportunities to our students. 

Therefore, Benjamin Preschool has transitioned to an online learning model. OZ Benjamin has digitally transformed to support online learning with a mix of the following services: YouTube, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype and email. 

Online learning is a moment that exposes the many imbalances in access to learning— from the internet connection and devices needed for distance education to the learning environments needed to focus on learning. For children preschool is often the one place where they feel safe and where they are taken care of during the day and therefore we believe that continuing education via video will make the children feel secure and sparked to learn. 

Help us in creating a quality online learning environment for our students so that we can continue providing them access to education and knowledge. 

Thank you for your help and support. It is greatly appreciated.

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Donating 2% of your tax payments

Dear Family & Friends,


We turn to you with an ask to please donate 2% of your taxes to Benjamin Preschool. Our main goal is to provide a quality language education to children and to cater to their unique needs.


For full transparency we want you to know that all of the tax donations go directly towards the needs of the students of Benjamin Preschool and not a single donation is used for the daily operation of the preschool.


Last years we used the collected donation funds to buy games supporting logical thinking and deduction as well as materials developing creativity and thinking. ​We also enriched the school’s playground with additional outdoor equipment that supports the movement of students and their art creativity.​ This year we would like to create natural garden centers where children can plant plants and take care of them throughout the year, while observing and learning about all the stages plants go through during their life cycle. 

Please contribute and help us so that we can continue providing the best in education and training for your children. Please spread the word to your friends and relatives in case they have not found a home for their 2% donations.


Once we finalize and receive all the donations we will inform you of their receipt and their respective allocation.  ​


To find all forms and steps necessary to donate your 2% please follow/click on the link below:


Note: the process of donating your 2% differs if you are filing as a business, through an employer or as a single physical entity.


PLEASE READ: If you donated 2% of your tax in the past, please make sure you have the current name of our non profit organization and the IČO.


The necessary information about our non profit organization:

Názov združenia: Škôlka Benjamín 

Právna forma: Občianske združenie

Sídlo: Pri kockách 8, 900 91 Limbach

IČO: 50331884

DIČ: 2120337648

If you are unsure of how to donate your 2% but would like to help please reach out to us for any questions you have.

Thank you for your help and support. It is greatly appreciated. 



We also accept donations via PayPal in the following form:

  • New or Used books

  • Software

  • Financial Grants

  • School Supplies

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