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Kids who read succeed

Our English Library Program


We believe that contact with books, the ability to flip pages, and see pictures, and to read words is irreplaceable in early childhood development. It  prepares children for reading, develops fine motor skills and spatial awareness. We believe tablets are a great way to learn for children these days, but nothing should replace books. Each Benjamin location has a library program and a large selection of books to select from. Every week children get to borrow one book from our library that they can take and read at home. During the week children read books with their teacher and those who are 3 years old and older get to pick one book for home.

Children at our preschools acquire basic reading skills when they are two years old and this is all done with the help of flash cards, songs, stories, small drama acts / scenes, big books, puzzles, letters and word exercises.

Under the teacher’s supervision, young children begin to work with text. They cover letters from the alphabet during which they fixate the visual representation of each letter and its pronunciation. Later on they begin to use different simple groups of words (e.g. – at group: cat, fat, mat, hat). Children activate their photographic memory when learning letters and words. Later they try to create short sentences. 

Our Non-Profit Philanthropic effort

English Library is a also non-profit philanthropic effort led by Občianske Združenie: Školská Družina Benjamin. Our vision is to create a quality educational environment for Slovak children by providing them free access to English literature and educational materials. Every child in Slovakia should have the opportunity to study the English language at an early age. It is difficult to obtain adequate English literature in Slovakia and therefore we decided to open a library that will have a plethora of English books available to Slovak children ages 1 through 13. Benjamin Preschool Senec has been kind enough to dedicate a part of their facility for this purpose. We have library reading once a week for the Benjamin students when children pick an English book for reading at home with parents and bring it back one week later to check out another one. 

“ Expanding the minds of tomorrow, with the knowledge
from today, by providing books in English to Slovak children”
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