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Drama, Shows and Graduation

In Benjamin we encourage children to stand out from their early childhood. Every school year our students participate in several performances spread throughout the year, such as the Thanksgiving show, the Christmas show, the Mother's day show, and the End of the Year show / Graduation. This way children naturally learn how to stand and speak in front of big crowds of people. It doesn't scare them and they truly enjoy being on stage, showing the best of them to their parents. Theater and drama are key in an educational system for both future presentation skills and social skills.

Being an international community we enjoy celebrating different holidays, bringing open mindedness to children and thus supporting multicultural education. 

Children love stories, Slovak and international traditions, dancing, drama, piano and flute performances, poems and jokes, which makes up a really wide range of what we usually prepare for our Benjamin audience...

Here is a little showcase of what we can do

Graduation 2024

Benjamin Pezinok and Senec

Graduation 2023

Benjamin Pezinok and Senec

Graduation 2022

Benjamin Pezinok and Senec

Graduation 2021

Benjamin Pezinok and Senec

Graduation 2020

Benjamin Pezinok and Senec

Graduation 2019 

Benjamin Pezinok

Benjamin Senec

Bratslam Poetry Competition

Bratslam is a slam poetry festival where children can present their own poetry written in English or poems of other authors which they like. This poetry competition is organized by the English International School of Bratislava (EISB). Presenters are welcome to present in a very relaxed way; however, no make-up, costumes or music is allowed. The presentations can be presented in a group, couples or just solo. Every year Benjamin Preschool participates in this competition. A lot of our preschoolers and our older children from the English Club present at the competition. We have won in various categories for multiple years in a row now :) 

"BRATSLAM aims to bring together young talented slammers from international and local schools as well as kindergartens in Bratislava and from further afield. BRATSLAM is a competition, but the focus of the event will be on individual poets and teams improving their craft through the experience of a live poetry slam." -

Year 2016/2017


This year was very successful for our Benjamin students. They won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the first category (3-7 years old) and 1st & 3rd place in the second category (8-11 years old). Congratulations! We are proud of you and our teachers!

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