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In English Club we work on maintaining as well as improving the level of written and spoken English of each child, practicing correct pronunciation, expanding their vocabularies and working on speaking in fluent sentences. Since we will not be meeting every day, the time spent during the English Club will be very valuable and each lesson will be divided into different aspects of learning English, including speaking, reading (being read to and well as reading aloud), writing (including spelling, sentence and story writing), and grammar.


During our two and a half hour sessions, the time is divided into two lessons, with a break in between.  Your child should come to the lesson on time, prepared with a pencil or pen and eraser, and with their homework ready. We will promptly begin the lessons on time so it is very important the children are in the classroom and ready for the lesson.

In English Club, we continue to use the same program that you and your children are familiar with from Benjamin, and have used previous years in their English classes. We will be using the A-Z Reading Program, as well as the Houghton Mifflin Program and supplementary books and materials provided by Benjamin Preschool. The children will have a spelling test every other week, as well as homework given each Thursday. The homework should always be returned at the following lesson. As this is an after school club, it is very important that the children also practice their English at home, by writing and reading aloud to you, the parents.


The children in English Club are separated into two groups and these groups are taught by two separate teachers. The children are put into groups by their level of English. Along with learning reading, writing, grammar, and new vocabulary in English Club, we also make sure we have some time for games, show and tell, and other fun activities in English. We have also participated in poetry competitions, given drama performances, and are planning on more fun activities in the future.

English Club

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