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    At the beginning it was just a dream. A dream that I would find the right preschool for my children. A place where they would feel comfortable and happy, a place to which they would return with joy, and a place where they would find love

and care. I imagined a place where all the children would be  embraced, loved, encouraged, and experience a world in which their beautiful and rare treasures (that every child has hidden deep inside) would find a path to the surface. 
.... And so we established the Benjamin Preschool. Benjamin has always been, is, and will be inspired by children. Benjamin is here for them. We strive for perfection because we realize that we are part of every child's childhood. We all have only one childhood and it cannot be repeated; it guides a person for the rest of his life. And to us this is an extreme obligation.

If you are interested in our preschool, have questions or you want to book a visit, we will be happy to show you around and answer your questions.

"I would like to say and send you a big 'THANK YOU' after our first month in Benjamin. It was one of our best decisions we made in the last couple of months, if not years.:-) We can see the progress every day, they are learning a lot of things. Not only that, I can see the happiness in their eyes..."

Find out more about our nonprofit project that brings English books to all children. 

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Senec & Pezinok Trnavská
Pezinok Myslenická

August 27, 2019

Continuous education for us teachers is very important.

This year we had the opportunity to share our knowledge with each other and practically consult each other’s ideas on the basis of long-term practice and experience....

August 9, 2019

During Benjamin Summer Camp this year, we studies the basics of photography and learned that taking pictures and editing them is a big part of our lives than we thought. We discovered that a good picture constitutes more...

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