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Nadácia Volkswagen Slovakia for Škôlka Benjamín

Thanks to the Nadácia Volkswagen Slovakia and Škôlka Benjamín our Benjamin children now have new facilities for learning and supporting their gross and fine motor skills. After preschool had to make a project and apply for the grant. In cooperation Škôlka Benjamín contributed with 1005,33 Eur and Nadácia Volkswagen Slovakia contributed with 996,33 Eur. With this help our children can enjoy various facilities both for physical education and free play. All these materials support children´s love for sport and movement; they support and develop their fine motor skills, gross motor skills (jump, run, crawl, catch, toss), and support their body balance. Children also learn to cooperate with others and improve their sense of orientation in the environment.

A big thank you goes to all of our teachers who contributed with their creativity and hard work during weekend days and brought this project to life. Children love to play with toys, but they also need to have objects of daily use which they can use freely. They like to replicate what adults are doing and this gives them plenty of options to fulfill their imagination. The sensory board develops all senses, soft motor skills, logic thinking and attention. We are very thankful for this help and it is priceless to see happy children make progress every day.

Benjamin Senec

Benjamin Senec - Outside

Benjamin Trnavská

Our teachers bringing this project to life :)


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