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Benjamin Open House

Like always, Benjamin preschools open their doors to children on the very first day of September. This day is dedicated to all children, some of which come to preschool for their very first time after a long summer holiday. To guarantee that the new school year is smooth and eventful from the beginning, children are welcome to play with toys, talk to their teachers, meet old and new friends and get familiar with the environment of their class. This can all be done in the presence of the parents. Parents have enough time to ask questions, consult their concerns, and set their goals for the upcoming school year. They have a chance to get to know other parents and share stories or experiences. All of it accompanied with cakes and treats, just as good as a new school year should be. Children bring their belongings, such as slippers, toiletries, bedding, and extra clothes, so that everything will be ready on the "real" first day - when the parents don't stay in the preschool with them but go to work. :)

Our three Benjamin locations, two in Pezinok and one in Senec, have a slightly different look, but all of them are the same when it comes to a great feeling and excitement about new beginnings. We cannot wait for you to visit and become a part of the Benjamin family.

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