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September 2016 in Benjamin preschools

Pezinok - Trnavská preschool

During the month of September we spent time getting to know each other better through games, songs and sport activities. We had a Sports Day where we tried our best in jumping, throwing balls, and running. The kids liked all the sports, playing with balls, and the parachute was a fun activity at the end.

Because the weather was very nice in September, we spent a lot of time outside on our playground and we walked to park once a week, where we sang, ran, fed the ducks, and observed nature. And because we are friends we learn that we should be nice to each other, and we repeated the magic words: Please and Thank you with Barney (a purple dinosaur).

Senec preschool

2-4 year old class

The new school year started and here comes a whole new adventure. During the first couple of weeks after the summer we met our old friends again, made new friends and we all played together. Each month we focus on a different unit. In September, we talked about Me and My Friends and we were also enhancing the importance of good manners in preschool and overall.

During our academic circle time we have been reviewing the alphabet from the previous school year, children showed off their great memory and their interest. Now we can start building on top of their knowledge and we begin a new school year by practicing letters A and B. Furthermore, we practiced number 1, 2, 3 and 4 using various Montessori tools.

4-6 year old class