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Field Trip to Bibiana, Museum of Art for Children

Last Wednesday, November 22, was an exciting day for the Kindergartners from Myslenicka and the 3-4 year old class from Senec. We went on a field trip! Both classes took their own bus to Bratislava, and we met there. We had snack together first and we were so lucky it was a beautiful sunny day. Then we walked to Bibiana, the International Museum of Art for children. We were so excited to find out what was waiting for us inside! The theme of the exhibition was "Monsters" but we found out that it wasn't scary at all. We saw beautiful exhibits featuring a 3 headed dragon, a huge woman, a dark room where our white clothes lit up, and many places to climb, crawl, twist and turn, slide, dance, and row. Our senses took over as we could feel, touch, hear, and see all the sights and sounds that were prepared for us. Some kids loved dressing up and pretending to be a ballerina on the stage. Others loved crawling through a tunnel and meeting a troll. Some loved rowing a boat all the way to the sea. And still others loved trying on wings and flying like a bird.

After our time in Bibiana had come to an end, we still had some time left for a short walk in the Old Town of Bratislava. We had a nice time looking at the sights, and naming all the different flags that we found. We were so happy to get back in the bus, though, because we had so much fun that we were so tired and ready to get back to school for our lunch. It was a lovely day that we will remember for a long time!

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