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September 2019 in Benjamin Preschool


The month of September had the motto „The more we get together, the happier we will be!“ Once again we all met in our preschool – some met old friends and teachers, and others met new friends and new teachers. We all did our best to ensure that everyone felt happy, secure and spent each day in a warm and loving environment.

Each day we got to know each other better – our classmates, our teachers, our classes and our rules. The youngest children learnt to say good-bye to their mums and dads, and to enjoy more and more the days in preschool. And so far they have done an incredible job!

We learned about ourselves, friends and family. We spoke about the unique qualities that every child possesses, and that although we might all look different from each other, and might like/dislike different things, we can still be friends and share. Not only do we share preschool toys, but also the toys we bring each Friday for our "Show and tell." In doing this, we demonstrate what we like to play with, allow our friends to enjoy it with us, and have the opportunity to create new games with our toys together.

Another important topic for us, was that of family and it's value. We spoke about the various family members we have, how they look, and made a lovely family picture frame that will decorate our preschool throughout the course of the year. Children feel a sense of joy and reassurance whenever they see a picture of their parents and siblings smiling at them, as they walk through the hallway.

We have a brand new month ahead of us, and we are very excited about all the fun, games, activities and crafts that await us here!


The month of September at Benjamin Myslenicka, was full of excitement, emotions, adjusting to a new routine, meeting our old and new classmates and teachers, as well as familiarizing ourselves with the preschool environment. We had a beautiful monthly unit - Family, Me and My Friends. Within the context of this unit we learnt about what the term family means, and also naming and describing our close and extended family members. We also discussed how the term family can mean so much more than just the people we are related to . That means,a pet or a close friend can also be part of our family. We drew detailed family pictures, built a family house using straws, and re-created our families using play dough. Additionally we played family themed games, and one of the most fun and exciting ones, was dancing like our family members :). We learnt about the many different ways to be a good friend, as well as what friends can do, and should not do to each other. Above all we learnt about the importance of valuing ourselves, each other, the people who love us and take care of us, and remembering to cherish the special moments we have made and shared with them. It was an amazingly fun and educational month with our loved ones!


Mobility week

We realize just how important it is to teach children from early childhood to take care of our Earth, an example of which is utilizing other means of transport to get to school other than the car.

Therefore we decided to take part in this year's European Mobility Week (16. – 22.9.2019).The theme for this year was „ Prejdime sa spolu“ (Walk together)

Over the course of the week we had various activities in our preschool focused on this theme.

We spoke about pollution, whilst counting car exhausts during a walk outside. Additionally we added together the number of cars and motorcycles that each of us possess in our classroom. The total number was astounding.

As part of this educational week, we organized a scooter competition for children, in which also teachers took part. We joined a Senec art competition creating a poster around this theme. The children were remarkably creative as they tried to find and draw as many motorless vehicles as they could. For us they are winners already, because they understood the importance of motorless transportation.

We took part in Senecky Beh on September 21st and we spent an enjoyable time outdoors together. Children had the opportunity to run, play and enjoy some quality time together with family and friends away from home.

The essence of this week was this: Leave the car at home,and instead come and walk with me.

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