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March in Benjamin Preschools

Senec Preschool

This month we were exploring nature around us and how it changes from winter to spring. During walks in Senec Garden we have been observing flowers growing, trees turning from brown to green, and even trees in full blossom. Our little Benjamin garden is also waking up and we already planted some seeds and prepared dirt in flower pots for new plants. The children are getting to know what plants need for life, how to take care of them and what the stages of growth are. This way we can fully enjoy the fruit of our garden later this year with our hard work behind it :)

Pezinok - Trnavska Preschool

Easter! We enjoyed preparing for Easter: we colored eggs with shaving cream and we made chicks from kinder egg shells because we know that chicks hatch from eggs. We cooked eggs, colored them and took them home to eat with our family.

Little Easter Eggs

One little, two little, three little Easter eggs,

Four little, five little, six little Easter eggs,

Seven little, eight little, nine little Easter eggs,

Ten little eggs in my basket.

Pezinok - Myslenická Preschool

Preschool Class

When the days get longer, when the air gets warmer, it´s time for spring to come! The children from the preschool class could not wait! And especially for one special day when a pink eared friend comes and hides some chocolate. Yes, I mean the Easter Egg Hunt! Before that day we enjoyed preparing for Easter – we painted flowers, we made one basket full of flowers, we blew out eggs and painted them. Of course, we made Easter baskets – this year a carrot cone! And when the day came and we found a card with instructions for what to look for we were so excited! The bunny was hopping in our playground and helped us to find all the treats. Well, some children probably did not check the card well , so we made sure everyone got the same things. We thanked the Easter Bunny and waved goodbye and we look forward to seeing him next year!

Kindergarten Class

In March we had a visit from “Scientist Zuzka” and we watched and helped her conduct a cool experiment about water. First she filled a glass jar very very full and placed a piece of plastic on top. We watched how the water didn’t spill. Then we helped color cold water blue and warm water red. Then we watched as the jar with red warm water was placed on top of the jar with blue cold water and they didn’t even mix! And last, the jar with the blue cold water was placed on the jar with the red warm water and it mixed! Do you know why one time it mixed but the other time it didn’t? We do!