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April 2016 in Benjamin Preschools

Senec Preschool

April was a month dedicated to the importance of community helpers. We were talking about doctors, fire fighters, pilots, drivers, teachers, postal workers and many more. And while we were learning about police officers, a real one came to visit us! He showed us two different uniforms, hand cuffs, a special cell phone he uses at work, and we got to try out all of his equipment such as a baton, hat, vest and we even got hand cuffed! Through his stories we have learned how police officers care for our safety and some of us found out what they want to be when they grow up.

Pezinok - Trnavska Preschool

The whole month of April was blue and white for us. Our art was blue: flowers, patterns, vases, forests. At the end of the month we went on a field trip to a town called Modra (Blue). We traveled by a big bus and we arrived at the Blue and White Forest -exhibition for kids. The kids really liked this forest and many interactive activities that they could try. They told us about an old technique of coloring fabric: "modrotlač". The kids had enjoyed this fun and new experience and made nice memories.

Pezinok - Myslenicka Preschool

Preschool Class

There is one day in April when all people all over the world stop, think and do things to help our home. Our home called planet Earth. On Friday April, 22 it is the official Earth Day and we celebrated this day by reading stories, making some crafts and talking about our planet and how to help our Earth. We said that what we need is our own two hands. We talked about things that are so ordinary for us but so special for others in the other parts of the world - such as a nice home, clean water, clean air, beautiful forests and mountains, and good food. Those are things we should be really thankful for. To keep the world clean and nice it is important to reuse, recycle, reduce. Every day should be Earth Day

Kindergarten Class

During the month of April the kindergarteners explored how to plant vegetables and fruits such as radishes, peas, carrots and strawberries. Our strawberries are already small and green! The children enjoyed putting the seeds in the soil. They also liked to divide veggies into groups. We talked about different groups of vegetables and how we can eat the roots of some of them. We also planted a special seed called Moon flower in our garden. We can’t wait to see what it looks like! The kindergarteners know that every plant needs 3 things: soil, water and sun. Planting is fun!

English Club

How to Eat Fried Worms is about a boy named Billy that makes a bet with Alan. He must eat 15 worms and Alan will give him 50 dollars. Alan, Joe, and Tom said the worms are poison. Billy already ate 5 worms (night crawlers) but one night he had a bad dream about worms. His tummy was ouchy...Alan doesn’t have 50 dollars so he was scared. Why did Billy want 50 dollars? Because he wanted a minibike. I like this story because it is exciting and funny. It’s very interesting. I recommend it to everybody.

Book review by: Simonka Sosovickova

How to Eat Fried Worms

Billy was a short and fat boy. Once he argued with his friend Alan and they made a bet. The bet was that Billy had to eat 15 worms so he will get 50 dollars. Tom, Alan, and Joe were digging for worms in a manure pile. Billy prepared mustard, horseradish and something more. The first worm came and Billy was a bit afraid but he ate the worm. But then Billy started to act strange. Tom found out that Billy was doing it for fun to scare Joe and Alan. On came the 5th worm but after the worm he had a bad dream that he went to a butcher and ordered 10 big worms. Then he woke up and he had a big tummy ache. I recommend this book to you. It’s a bit exciting and that’s good about it.

By: Pali Tatar

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