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Benjamin Summer Camp 2016

This year our Benjamin Summer Camp was all about Chocolate. Hmm what a delicious theme! If you think it was all about eating chocolate, we have to disappoint you. It was mostly about where does the chocolate we can buy in a store come from. We have discovered how does a cocoa bean look like, how people harvest cocoa beans, why cocoa beans have to ferment. We have found out where to find cocoa farms and who are the companies who make the chocolate we know. We have tried two different recipes for making chocolate. One healthy raw chocolate, using organic ingredients and real cocoa powder and cocoa butter and on the other hand we tried unhealthy recipe, which contained sugar, starch, margarine etc. Meanwhile we prepared our own labels and chocolate boxes and then we were ready to cook and design our own chocolate, using many kinds of sprinkles and decorations. All of this accompanied with a lot of swimming and summer games. Check our pictures to see how it looked in our chocolate factory:

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