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Benjamin for Children

A beautiful idea came to life when Jia‘s mother Mrs. Bomi Park invited all the children from the Benjamin preschool - Senec to celebrate Jia’s birthday with her. She didn‘t request any presents for her daughter, but quite the contrary: she requested guests to bring gifts for children in need and for those that are less privileged. She asked each parent to bring something (for example diapers, wet wipes, milk powder, etc...) that could be donated to children at the Studienka orphanage. These supplies are in high demand at the orphanage and they are crucial for the well being of all the children at the orphanage. Many children have been brought in from the streets and shacks. The idea became a reality at Jia’s birthday party, where all our children had a great fun and each parent contributed to the gift collection. All collected donations were taken to the orphanage Studienka in Petrzalka.

The donation was named: „Benjamin for Children”. This donation is still open and it continues next week at the Christmas markets that take place at all three of the Benjamin locations. The profit from selling products at our Christmas markets will serve (help) a particular story. One part will be donated to a mother of six children. Her only chance to spend Christmas with all of her children is possible only by this donation. The second part will be donated towards buying pajamas for children at the orphanage in Harmonia in Modra.

The collection will be donated in your name, name of the Benjamin parents. The donation to Studienka orphanage will be realized through Mrs. Bomi Park and the donation for the orphanage in Harmonia will be realized through Mrs. Monika Doudová.

"Love, understanding, help and hope are the most beautiful things we can give to other people, because we never know what can happen in life and when we will also need it ... The more we devote our life to others, the more valuable it is... "Henrich von Kleist

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