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Our field trip to RTVS

Benjamin Trnavska

This past month during our academic lessons, we discussed different places in the community and the people who work in each community. With children, we talked about the importance of the typical community helpers and role played the various community members. We also compared rural to city living and demonstrated safety habits (such as crossing the street…). In alignment with this topic we took the children from Benjamin Trnavska to the Slovak Broadcast Television in Bratislava to see people who work there like actors, writers, directors, producers, designers, and behind-the-scene technicians - for example camera men. We had a chance to experience various studios where they film movies and TV shows. The top experience of this field trip was that we actually got to see the filming of the children's TV show: Fidlibum. Then we went to the editing rooms where they add special effects, sounds and pictures. All together this experience showed us different jobs and community members, which was definitely inspiring.

Thank you Mrs. Červeňová and Mrs. Ružová for being our tour guides during this trip! :)

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