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Merry Christmas from Benjamin to Ferko

Dear parents,

On Tuesday we personally handed everyone's collected donation for Ferko. Our donation (financial and also a tablet) was handed to Mgr. Viliam Gyurke (The Coordinator of Professional Families, Social Worker - Children's Home Studienka), by Alexandra Thámová - director of Benjamin Myslenicka in the presence of two mothers from the PSG Benjamin Myslenicka group: Mrs. Horečná and Mrs. Krajňáková.

The total financial amount collected was an extraordinary 845.36 Euros.

Thanks to your help, Ferko can undergo a necessary surgery and spend time during his recovery, by playing on the tablet (thanks again to the Majer family).

We are very pleased that the story of Ferko touched all of you and that you decided to help him. Thank you again.

Every single child who is part of the Children’s Home Studienka community has a very touching and unique story, whether it's a newborn child, or a child of the age of our Benjamin children, or an adolescent child or a young adult. In particular, the Children’s Home Studienka tries to place children into family environments to so called professional parents. This way the children have the opportunity to grow up in a home environment, surrounded by love and they do not have to be exposed to big changes. Every single change is a big hit for these children in their not as easy lives.

Children’s Home Studienka has its Facebook page where they publish all the possible things they are in need of. There is definitely always a need to help and your help can come in any shape, form or fashion. If you would like to help more, click: Priatelia detského domova

Some ideas for things you can consider donating:

Practical things, especially newborn items and essentials. For the older children: bicycle, skateboard, scooter, ... or even handy things for the household of the children who go live with their professional parents. Children enjoy toys as well - educational toys are rare. Last but not least financial donations that can be used for specific projects.

If you would like to help these children continually, they would be very happy.

Address: Detský Domov Studienka, Rontgenova 6,851 01 Bratislava

Director of your Benjamin location, if desired, will provide you with a telephone contact directly to Mr. Gyurke or you can call the contact published on the Studienka’s website.

Thank you very much for your cooperation on this beautiful Benjamin Christmas project, which was part of our Christmas workshops.

Thanks to you Ferko’s eyes are going to shine with happiness.

We wish you beautiful holidays in the circle of your family and friends and we wholeheartedly wish you the best in New Year 2018!

Your Benjamin team

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