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February 2018 in Benjamin Preschool

Trnavska preschool

February was dedicated to the unit of transportation. We learned the ways we can travel (by water, land, and sky) and with our imagination, we traveled to many places. In our science class we made a paper helicopter which spins in the air. The kids loved this idea. Road safety rules are also important for kids, so we spoke about them. Pretending to be cars and pedestrians helped us understand how the rules work on the road.

Myslenicka preschool

Kindergarten Class

The Kindergarten class has been working hard each and every month with their beginning reading skills. Learning how to read in English is very different than learning how to read in Slovak, and it takes many different skills the kids must master to be able to read and write. We have been working on "CVC" words, which means the word is 3 letters- consonant, vowel, consonant. These words can be sounded out, and the kindergarteners are doing a great job of learning to read and write them. In February, we concentrated on words with the short vowel U sound. We learned about the words that rhyme, or are in the same word family. For example- bug, hug, rug, jug, dug, mug, and plug. Not only did we learn some new vocabulary in English, but we learn how to read these words, and to write them to. After we finish all the short vowel sounds, then we move onto the long vowel sounds while at the same time remembering all the high frequency words. (words that are difficult to sound out, but are found frequently in reading- the, was, is, they, etc)


100 is a big number and the one hundredth day of school is a big deal! This month we celebrated this important milestone. It was a joyous day and we spent it doing what we love doing the most: painting, singing, dancing, coloring and learning new facts. We had many activities planned and counting to 100 was essential on that day. The children created a cute poster board where we glued 100 items arranged in groups of 10, each child presented his/her collection to the class and attached it to the board. The children received diplomas, we sang 100 days of preschool song, everybody decorated and cut out a special ‘I am 100 days smarter’ headband to remember this special day.

English Club

One of the great ways to get kids to speak English are story cubes! Miss Zuzka's class has been enjoying this new set of story cubes - there is even a picture of poop (our favorite picture) on one of them. We take turns rolling the cubes and adding sentences to the story. We've created some great stories so far!

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