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Slovak tradition: Morena

On Tuesday, March 13th we said goodbye to winter in a very traditional Slovak way. It is an old tradition to make a doll called Morena, which represents winter, and let it drift away in a stream of water. This way people for generations used to send winter away and welcome spring and the warm sun rays.

Children with their teachers at all three locations created a Morena by using a stick, hay, and old clothes to make a doll. After that they took the Morena and while singing traditional Slovak songs they brought her to the closest water source. At Pezinok Myslenicka it was a close by stream, at Trnavska it was a pond in Zamocky park and in Senec it was a close by lake in the neighborhood.

During the previous week children got to learn about this special Slovak tradition and they all had a good time during this ceremony.

Now let's wait and see if the spring gets the message :)

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