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March 2018 in Benjamin Preschool

Senec Preschool


Planting seeds is our favorite kids gardening activity. After planting the seeds, children learn the importance of taking care of them while observing their growth.

Planting seeds with kids is one of our favorite nature activities. Preschoolers love to be part of the process, such as when we made our terrariums a while back.

They are fascinated by how the seeds are tucked into the soil and they take great care of them by watering them daily, waiting for them to grow.

When the first sign of green pops through the soil, the biggest smiles erupt from their faces. Once they take their plants home, parents say the preschoolers continue to nurture them, making sure they get plenty of water and light. What a valuable life lesson!

Trnavska Preschool

In March we celebrated the month of books with one special day - Reading day. Kids brought books from home and we read them during the day and before nap time. Kids love books and they were proud to present their own book from home. Then the kids made one book together - about The Very Hungry Caterpillar - in which the little caterpillar is eating fruits, and so we tasted fruits too. What is your favorite book?

Myslenicka Preschool

  • Preschool Class

Wow,March..such amazing activities we had! One of them was very special and that was the baking of sweet bread In Slovak we call it Vianočka. It is a very typical sweet bread for Easter time in Slovakia. And so, both the Kindergartners and the Preschoolers had the chance to see the whole process from beginning to end, and to learn the Slovak as well as the English vocabulary. We started first thing in the morning when we mixed all the ingredients together (sugar, flour, egg, melted butter, milk, vanilla sugar, yeast), when the dough was mixed well we had to let it rest for about 2 hours, so the dough would raise. After this time,the dough was ready to be nicely rolled into the shape of a braid and turned into a circle. And then again we gave it some time to “rest”. When this step was over, we spread egg yolk on the top of it,as well as some almond slivers. And then the sweet bread went straight to the oven. After some time a yummy smell started to spread all over our preschool. Finally, the best part came at the end, the most special homemade snack we have ever had and we ever made with our own two hands.So delicious!

English Club

Our youngest Tuesday English Club group especially likes the playtime at the end of the lesson. And do you know what is the best place for playing? Our old Kindergarten class!!! Miss Zuzka allows us to play there if we speak English while we play:-)

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