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April 2018 in Benjamin Preschool

Senec Preschool

What a fun month we had. We learnt about community helpers and talked about their importance in our society. Doctors, firemen, soldiers, policemen, bakers, teachers and other people who keep our society working well and make people healthy and feel safe, have no weekends and work hard every day. We have to be grateful to them for their effort and their dedication and maybe one day, when we grow up, we will become one of them. We now know that when we hear a car siren on the road, the other cars need to get out of the emergency car’s way so the emergency car can reach the people who need help as fast as possible and save them. We had fun trying different uniforms on and pretended to be soldiers, firemen and doctors, it made us feel important and so small.

Trnavska Preschool

In April we learned about community helpers and how important they are for us. We visited our local police department where we had the chance to meet police officers, and see their cars and motorcycles. Then we went into a jail cell (but they let us all out), and we even tried holding the bullet-proof vest. And at the end of the month we had a fire drill where we learned about fire safety.

Myslenicka Preschool

During the month of April the Kindergarten class spent one Wednesday afternoon being little scientists. The children predicted, observed, and made conclusions. The topic was "How do plants get water?" First of all the most of the children were introduced to a new vegetable: celery. They were able to taste it (and most liked it!) and then got ready for the experiment. With four different glasses filled with colored water, they put the celery stalks into the water. Then, predictions were made. They also split a stalk, and put one end into the red water, and one end into the yellow water. What will happen now? Again, predictions were made. Then came the observations. This lasted a couple days. After the weekend, when we came back to preschool, we noticed NO water was left in some glasses. Then, we made our conclusions. The water was gone because the celery "drank" it and the celery changed color! Do you know why? We do! We love being little scientists!

English Club

During the month of April in Ms. Nicole's English Club we were busy learning many new words, learning about what Fact and Opinion are, discussing and debating Earth day topics, and reviewing what contractions are. On top of this, we read stories for comprehension and had 2 spelling tests. After working so well the kids were rewarded with some game time with Ms. Zuzka's class. Each of the older kids led a small group that played a game together. Whether it was contraction memory, silly sentence making, story cubes, or bingo, everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere with some fun game in English.

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