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How Benjamin helped Adelka

It's been a while since we met at the Christmas workshops which were organized at all of our Benjamin locations.

Do you remember Adelka? The little girl from the Studienka orphanage who we chose to help? We organized a voluntary collection during the Benjamin Christmas markets at all three of our locations and this way we wanted to remind you of the amazing thing which we accomplished together.

Thanks to your generosity during the workshops and for additional donations we managed to collect 552,68 Euro. That's a fascinating number which is already making a difference in Adelka's life.

Here is the plan of how the money will be used: 1. Three months of a swimming academy course / 270 Euro. 2. A full year of an assigned professional special needs teacher who will visit Adelka in her home environment and go with her through the Baby-fit program / 280 Euro

A big thank you goes out to the program "Professional Mom", love made a huge change in Adelka's life and now she is making progress in feeding patterns, when she stopped using tubes and is now eating with a spoon and she is full of life. Despite all of this, there is still a lot to catch up, so wish Adelka all the best :)

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