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October 2019 in Benjamin Preschool


During the beautiful month of October, we spent time learning about the the many different wind instruments such as the piccolo, recorder, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone and lots more. We listened to the tones that they produce and learnt to distinguish their unique sounds apart . Additionally we learnt about "Peter and the Wolf", a music composition of a children's story by S. Prokofiev.

Rather fortunately, we had a visit from " Trio Di Trevi", a wind instrument music ensemble , who showed us their instruments: an oboe, a clarinet and a bassoon. They explained to us, the different parts of each instrument, such as the mouthpiece and reeds. Afterwards, we all sat down, and listened to them present an amazingly entrancing concert of " Peter and the Wolf". We most certainly love the magic of music!


The changing colors of nature keep us amazed year after year. When many leaves are still hanging on trees,and some of various shapes and colors lying on the ground, all the while the sun still shining...That is indeed the most beautiful part of the fall that we can imagine. We took advantage of the rather long "Indian-like" summer in October, and went for walks to Pezinok park. It is great that not far behind the park gate a different world lies ahead of us - many trees of various sizes and colors, as well peacocks and squirrels.

We watched as the leaves fell from the trees, in almost the same way raindrops fall from the sky. Two particular types of trees grabbed our attention, namely - the conifer and the leafy trees. We learned that the conifer trees stay green throughout the year. They do not give us leaves but they do give us something else, pine cones, and so we picked some for preschool crafts. We also picked leaves for our friends from the Care Bear and Unicorn classes.They made leaf prints and the Paw Patrol Class made a craft titled "Forest in Fall". You can see the pictures below :). Afterwards, we made a pile of leaves and do you know what?? We jumped into it! :) Sooo much fun! Yes, fall or autumn is beautiful!


The wonderful month of October has come to a colorful end! We had an exciting month here at Benjamin Myslenická. During the course of the month we explored the very interesting topic of weather and the four seasons of the year: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. We learnt about the various weather changes that take place each season and how they influence the clothes we wear, the food we eat and sometimes the fun games we get to play outdoors. Inspired by the current Autumn season: leaves falling and brilliant colors all around us, we also created some stunning Autumn- themed artwork using nature.

It has been absolutely fascinating looking outside everyday and learning to observe and describe the wondrous changes in season, weather and nature all around us.

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