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November 2019 in Benjamin Preschool

Myslenicka Preschool

During the beautiful month of November, we not only explored the world around us, but also practiced our cutting, painting, fine motor skills and learnt all about shapes. On one of the days, we transformed ourselves into special math magicians, who were able to make a cube only out of a worksheet with six squares on it .

We were all curious and excited throughout the process. First we painted the six squares, each of them according to our individual preferences. Afterwards, we cut them, folded and glued them together, and then…...the fun started!

The children were divided into three groups in which they played different games. In the first group we played the Slovak game "Človeče nehnevaj sa!", where we used our own handmade dice, instead of the ready made dice. In the second group, children went onto the carpet, and played a jumping game : the number you roll on the dice, equals the number of times you'll jump. In the third group, the children drew various shapes on their cubes, and at the end came up with fun names for their completed cubes.

What a fun, educational and memorable month it has been!

Senec Preschool

The town of Senec announced in November an art competition themed "Senec, Town of the Future." Here at Benjamin Senec, we decided to take part, given that we know just how broad and wonderfully imaginative our students are. The children approached this tricky theme with lots of ease. With their drawings and paintings they expressed their dreams, and how they envision Senec in a few years time. Their endless imaginations, served to remind us of the importance of having imaginitive and creative ideas, that may one day wind becoming reality. The children created imaginary cities in space, in trees and in many more different places. Ten art works belonging to the following children were selected for the competition: Saška, Lucka L., Magnusko, Ninka, Emka H., Vratko, Hanka, Anna, Alex and Yechan. Unfortunately, none of the children was awarded a prize, and yet we are very proud of their great enthusiasm and creativity. We are already looking forward to the next art competition.

Trnavska Preschool

During the month of November, we talked about multicultural education and shapes, and as you could see on our facebook pictures, we welcomed parents to stop by, and talk about their favorite countries. We learned about, and saw many different and interesting places and things. We very much appreciate the input, and time the parents invested into our educational endeavors.

Learning about shapes gave us many possibilities for various arts and crafts. We tried to observe shapes around us, such as; our bulletin board is a rectangle, the weather card is a circle, we sit on circles, our name cards are squares and many more. The Care Bear and Unicorn classes had shapes stuck onto their classroom floor. This allowed them to see shapes in bigger sizes and count their individual sides as they walked around them. Additionally, they had shape gluing-on and matching activities, as well as making shape prints.

The Paw Patrol class learned about a famous artist named Pablo Picasso. We talked about the colors, shapes and way of painting he made use of, that was considered rather startling during his time. Even nowadays, it is interesting to observe the different perspective he had, of objects and people. We could tell just how much the children were surprised, and yet fascinated by his paintings. Afterwards we attempted to be little Picassos ourselves, and turned black and white copies of his paintings into colorful ones.

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