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February 2020 in Benjamin Preschool

Trnavska Preschool

The month of February was dedicated to the unit called “My body”. While other children exercised their bodies during ice skating course, Ms. Jojka and not-skating children enjoyed artistic week - they made beautiful and creative art crafts related to the topic.

They used various materials such as: newspapers, printed photos,scraps of colored papers, pictures of face parts...they cut, sticked, painted.

And the result were art masterpieces such as: Picasso´s style - they sticked eyes, nose,mouth on the face, having their face photo pasted they painted their body to the head and they painted their body on the newspaper, which they pasted on the paper with nice background.

Children not only let their imagination free but they also trained and improved their soft motor skills - proper cutting, holding the paintbrush and using the glue stick.

In the last week of February we focused on my body poster - we traced our body to see how each body looks differently - we could see the different heights and shapes.Then we colored and sticked face picture on our body.

Myslenicka Preschool

We have had an incredibly active and festive February at preschool! One of the many highlights of this month was exploring the fascinating topic of


We started off the week learning to define just what exactly transport is, and the role it plays in our daily lives. Once we had a good understanding of this, we began to explore the different modes of transport available to us. We divided the modes of transport into four categories, namely: road, rail, air, and water transport. This was followed by a very fun and practical activity, in which we sorted a range of different vehicles into their correct categories. Afterwards, each of us had a chance to pick out our favorite mode of transport and share with the class what we love most about it. Some catchy music and rhymes also aided us in establishing our vocabulary.

All in all, we completed this topic, armed with a great amount of knowledge and imagination about the many wonderful places and experiences the gift of transport can give us.

Senec Preschool

February's winter weather has been beyond fascinating for us to observe in preschool. We got to see snow, sleet, icy rain and occasionally icicles forming on different surfaces from frozen rainwater.

Seeing and understanding how water freezes to form ice, made us curious to try and equally understand just how ice melts to form water.

And so the fun began! We started off with three clear blocks of ice. In three small, separate bowls we had: some warm red colored water, salt and blue colored bicarbonate of soda. Our goal: to see which of the three would melt ice the fastest. We gradually added a spoonful of each to the ice blocks, and excitedly observed the changes.

After a short while, it was clear that the red colored warm water was taking the lead, followed by the salt in second place, and the bicarbonate of soda as third.

Our results:

-Heat/ Warmth melts ice the fastest.

-Salt first has to lower the freezing point of water and then it will start to melt.

- Bicarbonate of soda is a kind of salt, but it is much slower at melting ice.

What an incredibly fun and educational experiment. We love science!

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