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February 2021 in Benjamin Preschool


Ladybug Class

The children had lots of fun this month learning about how to make a tea. First we picked some meadow sage and lavender from our preschool garden and we talked about how these 2 herbs are medicinal - meadow sage is good for healing cough and lavender is for better sleep.

Than we showed them, that when we water the herbs with some hot water and we will let it sit for awhile we will have a tea. The kids were so excited for making their very own cup of tea. For finishing touches. we added some honey and lemon and enjoyed our yummy hot drink with all of our friends in preschool.

Panda Class

Children learned about the world around them through the 5senses. The 5 senses of the body are smell, sight, taste, touch and hearing. The best way to teach children about them is by teaching them to use these senses. We made a sensory-based activities, what is the ultimate way to bring playful learning explorations to preschoolers. Using all 5 senses in learning activities promotes problem-solving skills, investigation and scientific thinking. In this fun activity, preschoolers will sort items based on the corresponding sense the items belong to.

Children can then be challenged to go on a 5 senses scavenger hunt. We found everything what we

need to explore all 5 senses in preschool with hands-on sensory sorting activities. When children use their 5senses in learning activities, they are encouraged to investigate and explore.

Smell: We took various spices (cinnamon, glove, muscat nut) and smelled them.

Hearing: We collected different musical instrument and showed children different sounds.

Sight: You can ask to children to look around what they see.

Touch: We found materials having a different texture and touch them.

Taste: We used a variety of items like a piece of lemon for sour, a piece of banana for sweet, salt for salty.

Bunny Class

The whole month we were talking in our class about our fantastic bodies. How perfectly it's constructed. Every single part of it, is unique! We outlined our bodies and found out what is hidden inside of our body. We have a heart, lungs and stomach inside as well as our „computer“ – brain.

After we discussed what these organs are doing inside of our body we pasted it on one of our outlined bodies in the place where they should be. Skeleton, ribs, bones and scull.. What are they for? Kids had an amazing discussion about our support system and afterwards we realized that without it we would look like a jelly. We put water together with pasta into some plastic gloves and we let it freeze in the freezer. How amazing it looked. Kids were impressed, so were we. Through the games, drama plays, art and songs we learnt about our bodies a lot. What do you think?

Dolphin Class

We celebrate Valentine’s Day in February. It is a well-known fact but what does Valentine’s Day really mean? We talked about different legends and the origins of this day, we talked about Saint Valentine and what he did for lovers long time ago. Valentine’s Day is a time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship and to us it means just that, plus kindness and also presents. It is celebrated in many ways worldwide and we decided to celebrate it in a special way in our preschool too.

We played Secret Valentine, each child prepared a present for someone else, we all drew the names so nobody was left behind. Everybody did such a great job and effort to prepare gorgeous cards or presents for their friends, we loved them all. We also prepared beautiful cards, heart sun-catchers for our moms and dads and painted heart art inspired by the famous painter Wassily Kandinsky.


Unicorn Class

When you ask a toddler or a preschooler what sorts of topics they would like to learn about, the answer is commonly some sort of animal. Can you blame them? There are so many to learn about! Animals are an amazing topic to focus on because they are a large part of their natural world. Whether your children interact with their pets, observes wild animals while on walks, or simply sees animals in books or movies, they are likely to be thinking about this topic often. We also talked about farm animals, what they produce, forest animals, and animals living in a jungle. After teaching animal vocab and sounds children practiced moving like each animal, we setup activities based around this subject providing children the opportunity to discuss their preexisting knowledge of animals while also taking in some new information about how they live.

Troll Class

Every child is an artist - an unique, original, the only one. We love to see them enjoying painting, coloring, pasting, cutting, see them being creative and in their own world of imagination. Then we also broaden their horizons of knowledge by showing them the works of other artists and their techniques. We focused on Andy Warhol and his works in February.

We learned he belonged to Pop Art - an art inspired by the culture and commercial art (photos, movies, advertisements, comic books,..), we saw his colorful works and tried to copy his Mickey Mouse art in our own way. Children tried to make four different backgrounds and to paint every Mickey Mouse using different colors. The result was very colorful, each picture a masterpiece!

Kindergarten Class

This month during multicultural education we learned about different parts of our planet and traveled far behind the walls of our preschool. Children got excited about reading from maps, comparing sizes of states, building colorful Montessori map puzzles of continents, listening to national anthems and songs from different parts of the world, and last but not least, tasting food.

When learning about North America, children got to taste Canadian maple syrup and the American peanut butter jelly sandwich - both were a big success! When we learned about Asia, we made simple veggie sushi rolls and tried to eat it with chopsticks.

This was a big tasty success for some. For the Slovak cuisine we made “bryndzové halušky”. During the process of making halušky we got to learn about Cyril and Methodius, talked about composting potato peels, and much more. It was fun to learn about countries and their specifics through food.


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