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February 2023 in Benjamin Preschool

Benjamin Preschool Senec

Little and Big Owls Class

During the month of February our theme was ‘My Body’ and it was aimed at teaching children self-awareness of their bodies and how to keep it functioning optimally through exercise and eating appropriate foods and nutrition in the form of vegetables and fruits. We incorporated these into our science and math lessons by sorting foods into 5 main groups; that being vegetables, grains, proteins, dairy products and fruits. For math we introduced the concept of measurement by using non-standard units and measurement tools such as wooden stacking rings etc. to measure big and small footprints. These activities were chosen to encourage self-awareness and to build on their abilities to compare and contrast. They came to understand that objects can be measured in different ways depending on the attribute of interest.

Disney Magic Class

February was dedicated to the unit: My Body and we created a grocery store in our classroom with healthy foods and gave children shopping baskets. Through this fun game they practiced counting objects in their baskets, counting how much they need to pay for it at the cashier, adding and subtracting items. Through fun games children are motivated to learn easier and actually retain the information. Math skills strengthen problem-solving abilities, improve memory and concentration, develop critical thinking skills, promote creativity, and foster a love for learning.

Eagles - Kindergarten Class

With Valentine's Day excitement in the air, we decided to create some special heart inspired artwork. We took inspiration from the American artist Jim Dine who created dozens of heart focused paintings. The painting we chose to recreate is one of his most famous ones titled "Four Hearts". Each child had a different interpretation of what their four hearts symbolized. The expressive and imaginative use of colors, shapes and patterns allowed each finished painting to look special & unique from all the rest.

Benjamin Preschool Pezinok

Ms. Jojka's Class

For the whole month of February, we devoted ourselves to the topic of the human body. I think that one of the favorite activities was making a model of our lungs. First the children colored their printed lungs on paper and then we helped them make a model of lungs. We needed straws, balloons and tape for that. Then the children blew into the straws and the balloon lungs were inflated. This is a great way to help kids understand how the lungs work and what they look like.

Ms. Dani's Class