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Healthy eating in Benjamin preschool - Pezinok

Trolls Class

In the spring time we worked on preparing our preschool garden. We planted a tree, flowers but we also had in our minds eating :) So we planted some fruits and veggies as well! Now it is fall, the harvest time and it was time to pick the last tomatoes and peppers. We took so good care of them from spring time through the hot summer! Before we picked them, we talked about these veggies, how they look, what is their taste, what vitamins they contain. We also looked at various types of tomatoes and peppers. We could see they come in various sizes and colors! Then we picked our very own veggies and we took the empty plants out of the soil so we could see and describe the whole plant - its roots, stem, leaves and their functions. Picked tomatoes and peppers were taken inside, we washed them, cut them, used some oil, a bit of salt and into our tummies our veggie salad went, yummy!

Care bear class

Our dream of starting a small preschool garden began in spring. We planted some vegetables

and fruit plants and seeds and watched them grow. Soon we had success growing some

tomatoes, peppers, peas, strawberries, raspberries..etc

After we harvested products from our garden, we decided to have fun with our food and we

created some fun food faces. Asking children to help make the food, made them more likely to

at least try something new.

We converted all the fruit and vegetables we had into faces. Carrot hair, tomato eyes, pieces of

cheese for the face. Nutella, cream cheese, and peanut butter were the bases, then we added

raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, etc. and were creative!

We also tried to add eyes to our food, but some children prefer to eat the peppers just like that!

Win win :)

Kindergarten Class

During our math lessons we get to use the interactive digital toy Bee Bot which we code to get from one point to another. On one of the boards we learn to par what animals give us what foods. Children correctly paired bees with honey and so we decided to learn more about it. Bees are some of the most important creatures on the planet, since they pollinate flowers so we can grow fruits and veggies, plants and trees. Children got to hold the honeycomb where queen bee lays eggs, they got to touch bee wax, smell the bee pollen and finally, taste our Slovak honey from local bee keepers. Together we named many foods where we can use honey and named many benefits honey has on our health. Honey is rich in vitamins, minerals and can help to strengthen our immune system and fight against pathogens. Now children know what it takes for bees to make enough honey for them and us and that it is rightfully called liquid gold.

Food tasting from Zdravé Bruško during our Open Door event

We are very pleased that parents had the chance to meet and chat with our preschool's meal supplier Mr. Kohút during the course of our Open House event in September. It was important to us, that parents also had the opportunity to taste some samples of the healthy and delicious dishes that are lovingly prepared and served throughout the week, during meal times at our preschool.


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