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January 2023 in Benjamin Preschool

Benjamin Christmas Charity

Benjamin preschool has been regularly involved in charity projects for years, and we cooperate with organizations focused on children and education. Just like last year, this year too, with help of our Benjamin families, we were involved in two charity projects:

First of all, before the Christmas of 2021 we helped the non-profit organization Plamienok, which provides palliative care to incurable children and their families with a financial fundraiser. We collected an amazing amount of 605 €, which was used to organize the Plamienok therapy camp. This past Christmas of 2022 we collected even bigger amount, 1092 € all together, which is absolutely amazing and we are very grateful for your generosity.


Second, we contributed together through a material collection of food for the Integra - social services home in Senec (DSS Integra Senec), where they care for people with mental illness. Last year's food collection was warmly received by twelve clients of DSS Integra in Senec. That way all of us together made Christmas more enjoyable for them.


Ski Course at Zochova chata

It is not always easy to learn new things, so our children really deserved their diplomas at the end of the course. They did a great job and enjoyed their time on the ski slope. Big thanks goes to the whole Klub Karpatan for their positive attitude and professionalism.


We always add Slovak traditions into our calendar, so therefore we truly enjoyed preparing for annual Fašiangy celebration. We spent the week learning about this fascinating Slovak carnival tradition , i.e. when, why and how it is celebrated. We created our own sparkly & colorful carnival masks and afterwards went on a parade through the neighborhood. Donuts and Fašiangy go hand in hand, and so we also got to enjoy this tasty treat on what was an incredible day.

Benjamin Preschool Pezinok

Benjamin Preschool Senec


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