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March 2021 in Benjamin Preschool

Benjamin Senec

Ladybug Class

Throughout the course of the month March we have covered many topics with the children, but definitely the most memorable one was our 3rd week where we talked about community helpers. During this week, we got a chance to discover all the types of jobs that serve our community and get to experience how is it to be a doctor and a firefighter. In this activity, we were in the role of a firefighter. Our teacher prepared for us fire made out of shaving cream and red coloring and put it in a box. Then we put our red and yellow helmets on and started to put out the fire with our water fire extinguisher. This was such a fun activity and we learned a lot about how firefighters work.

Panda Class

In Panda class we made our own pizza and children loved doing it. It was super simple to put together. We started with the pizza dough. We divided the dough in small pieces, and children shaped their dough however they wanted to. They are super simple with ready-made Sugo pizza sauce, shredded cheese, ham, corn, and spinach. All Panda kids loved these ingredients, but felt free to add more toppings. Sometimes they made faces with the veggies. Ready for the oven! We placed it in a 250C pre-heated oven for about 12 minutes. We watched the pizzas towards the end and when they were ready, we took them out at our desired doneness. Enjoy your pizza party!

Bunny Class

As part of our sustainability focus at the preschool, we decided to look at how paper is made. We've talked about where paper comes from = trees and how important it is for us to recycle paper as many times as we can to save more trees from being cut down. But talking is one thing, seeing and doing is better - particularly for most of people. As we are not afraid of the mess we started with tearing the paper into the small pieces. We left it overnight into the water. Next morning we made our sieve and started to mix the paper till it became pulp from it. We put the pulp in the water and using sieve we get our paper ready for drying. It took 2 days to dry. But what an amazing and original paper we got!

Dolphin Class

Children in Kindergarten Class spent every day of this month reading books, mostly, by Dr. Seuss. After reading a fun story ‘Green eggs and ham’, we decided to try to make a rubber egg experiment, which is a classic science activity! Make a naked egg or bouncy egg. Can it bounce? What happens to the shell? Does light pass through it? So many questions to find answers to and one simple experiment that can give us all the answers. Vinegar is an acid. Eggshells are made of calcium carbonate. We soaked an egg in vinegar, the eggshell absorbed the acid and broke down, completely dissolved. We didn’t like the smell of vinegar much but we enjoyed playing with the bouncy egg and using the torch we could even see the egg yolk and egg white inside the egg because only a transparent membrane was holding the egg intact. Nature is amazing.

Benjamin Pezinok

Unicorn Class

Spring is here and it is time for awesome spring activities and enjoying the beautiful weather outside! March was full of wonderful activities. We talked about the weather, we observed plants, we discovered the basic needs of and parts of a plant. We learned about how important plants are to people and to animals. Children were fascinated about the Transpiration experiment, where the water moves through a plant and evaporates from leaves, stems and flowers.

We placed a flower in a glass of colored water. After a few hours the petals will turn the same color as the water, this is because the colored water is transported up the stem and into the petals.

Carebear Class

Is there anything more amazing than plants? And spring is the perfect time to dig into a plants for preschool lesson. Children learned all about seeds and plants using hands-on plant activities for them, Plant science is one of the earliest types of science that children can understand. They loved learning about soil, plant types, growing seeds, germination, and how plants make fruit and the foods we eat. Growing a micro vegetables was great experience for kids. It’s a valuable real life hands on way to learn about how plants grow. Watching a small seed transform into a sprout and then a plant is a magical experience for kids.

Troll Class

It has been said that when you open a book, you open your mind. Yes, we do love books at Benjamin and we read every day no matter what month we have, but especially this month we talked about March being considered as the month of books. As you might know we had a Pajama reading but we also read a book every week written by Dr. Seuss. He is a famous author of many children ́s books that were transformed into movies, such as Lorax, Grinch, Green eggs and ham. Children like the rhyming, nonsense and funny creatures there. The last one we read was “One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.” Having somebody like Yink who likes to drink pink ink must be fun, right? :) Or to bike with Mike and so on. Various creatures made us to think whether we would like to have this or that one in our house.

Afterwards we colored our own book cover of this story.

Kindergarten Class

During art lessons we often learn about influential artists. We focus children’s attention to active perceiving of artworks. Children get to think about what they see, what feeling they are getting from the art, what they like or don’t like, how they think it was created or how they think the artist felt when painting the picture. In March we introduced one of the most famous female artists in the world – Georgia O’Keeffe. A pioneer painter of American 20th century modern art, who created art for 70 years and got known for her iconic paintings of nature in a new, abstract style. We focused our attention to one specific paining of Georgia’s – the Ladder to the moon. We talked about how Georgia always climbed her ladder in the garden just to see over her fence and it not only gave her a great look at the nature in the desert where she lived, but also got her closer to the moon. For our take on the Ladder to the moon we used aquarelle colors and colorful papers and scissors to create the moon, stars and the ladder. Children really enjoyed this art and had fun being creative.


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