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Healthy Pizza Day in our Preschools

Let's face the facts - everyone loves pizza :) We learned that there is a day dedicated to this food and this year it was February 9th. We talked with children that pizza is known all around the world, that there are various kinds of pizza, where does it come from, and what kind we personally like. As we pay attention to the nutritional values of our food at Benjamin, we made our home made pizza using healthier ingredients than the regular one. Instead of white flour we used spelt, then olive oil instead of sunflower oil and we did traditional margerita without any salami or ham. Making the pizza dough is one big experiment on its own. What first looks like liquid later changes into dough by the use of yeast. Children could observe the whole process of making pizza from making the dough, through putting cheese on pizza, baking it in the oven until it was golden and crispy and we were able to eat it - which was the best part of it, of course. :)


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