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Scholastic ISBC books Donation

Last week Skolska Druzina Benjamin received a donation from Martin T. Martin has donated 260$+ towards the project. The donation was directly for books from Scholastic and for the domain/website. We are really thankful for this and so we wanted to share with you what it looked like when the books arrived. Check it out:

Here is what Martin had to say:

"I am glad I found a way to give back to the local community where I grew up. It is great to be able to help others from a similar background as well as those from a differing background. I am a Philanthropist myself and decided that the best way to give back would be via a book donation. Education is key. Especially in English. When I heard about the non-profit book donation program I submitted a small financial donation and I am excited to hear it was well received. I think it’s a brilliant idea to open up a public English book library to the local community. Definitely pro this idea. Hoping to donate more in the future…”

Thank you Martin!

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