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February 2016 in Benjamin Preschools

Senec Preschool

The month of February was full of Mathematics. It started with a course of Montessori Mathematics for our Benjamin Teachers. We got inspired by many ways of learning counting and using Math on daily basis. We started using different objects around us. This was a great practice before the 100th Day of School. On this day it all escalated to counting up to 100 while using wooden chips, 100 pieces of pasta, 100 colorful pipe cleaners, 100 pieces of chalk and 100 colorful circles. We are happy to be 100 days smarter :)

Pezinok - Trnavska Preschool

Valentine´s Day! We talked with the kids that it is important to love each other not only on Valentine´s Day but the whole year round. We also learned that the best presents are the ones we make ourselves with all the love we have. The kids loved to make presents (we baked hearts on sticks and decorated them), postcards and they gave it to their parents as something precious.

Pezinok - Myslenicka Preschool

Preschool Class

Our topic for the month of February included My body, health and nutrition. We learned about the skeleton, body organs, how our body works and what we have to do to keep our bodies healthy! We worked on a body project to show how it looks inside of our body. First we had to trace each child´s body on a big poster. The children could see and compare that everyone looks different and special - someone is taller, someone shorter, someone has longer legs...Then we pasted some bones, body organs and drew the blood vessels. The kids enjoyed this project and can´t wait to take it home!

Kindergarten Class

We celebrated the 100th day of school in many ways in the kindergarten class. We counted by ones to 100, and then by tens to 100. We learned about how long 100 seconds is, and what we could do in that time. How many jumping jacks can you do in 100 seconds? How many letters can you write in 100 seconds? We also learned there are many ways to make 100. 4 rows of 25 is 100. 5 rows of 20 is 100. 10 rows of 10 is 100! We ended the day by making a yummy 100 day of school snack (with 100 ingredients, of course!) and making special hats to celebrate the day.

English Club

What if dogs could read? What if turtles didn’t have shells? What if it never stopped raining? These are some of the “story starters” that the kids in Ms.Nicole’s group worked on in the month of February. Each child chose which title sounded interesting to them and then the real work began! The kids really enjoy writing the stories and reading them aloud even more!

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