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Winter 2024 in Benjamin Preschool

Benjamin Preschool Senec

Tiger and Lion Class

This month both Tiger and Lion class prepared activities per our theme- All About Winter. 

The Tiger class did a ‘free the animals from a the ice ’ activity . A little bit fine motor work. A sprinkle of states of matter science. An exciting arctic animals theme. That equals a lot of fun for little hands!

This fine motor rescue activity is such a hit because it takes simple materials (water and ice) and turns it into big fun. Soon, the arctic animals were freed from the ice! This activity then moved away from the fine motor and science fun and into chilly water sensory play.

The Lion class in turn made bird feeders this month. Many birds migrate in the winter, but there are also some that may live in our area all year. Miss Anna made sure to teach that food can be harder to find in the winter months, especially in places where it snows. Hence, the Lion class decided to provide local birds with an extra food source. This activity uses senses to make increasingly complex observations in the environment and encourages respect for living things.

Bunny Class

Through the story “The Mitten” children in our class had an opportunity to develop their communication and math skills too. 

They had to decide who came to the mitten first, second,..last based on the story plot. Afterwards they used the special story dice and a shape dice and our prepared mat. They were adding animals from the story under the shape they found on the dice after throwing it. They became familiar with orientation on the mat. At the end they were counting which shape won and had the most of the animals. Children were focused and wanted to play more and more, therefore we took the lego blocks and tried to measure the distance between the animal and the mitten. Animals were on the mat based on the story. 

The math stories are great for early young children as they are using simple math operations spontaneously. This knowledge will stay with them throughout their life.

Kindergarten Class

The Kindergarten Class spent the month of January working on their pre-reading skills,in particular word families. Word families significantly increase the number of words A child can master. Instead of learning one or two words per spelling pattern, children can learn eight or more words without much additional effort, making it an efficient way to learn new words. Additionally, the recall of individual words is improved because similar words are stored together in the brain. It was wonderful to observe each child's progress with each passing week. 

Benjamin Preschool Pezinok

Ms. Jojka's Class

We usually don’t get a lot of snow where we live or if we get snow, it melts really quickly. Because we do love snow and anything to do with snowflakes during the winter, so we decided to bring some winter into our preschool with these pretty salt crystal snowflakes. We had to wait a few days for the result of this experiment, but the result was amazing.

Ms. Dani's Class

What’s more fun than playing in the snow? Making your own snowman out of play dough, of course! This snowman play dough activity is perfect for preschoolers. Not only it is a great way to spend winter day indoors, but it’s also a great opportunity for some learning and fine motor practice. This snow play dough is perfect for the winter season, but it can be made any time of a year and enjoyed by everyone.

Ms. Suzy's Kindergarten Class

We believe Multicultural education is one of the important parts of children's learning in today's world. It is smoothly presented every month containing celebrations of Slovak and some whole wide world traditions. In January we spoke about our Slovak celebrations of new year’s eve. But we also “traveled” to far away China to introduce children with their celebration of the new year that is not only celebrated in a different way but also time. We also learned what the new year of Dragon means to them. Children made nice Chinese lantern craft that are typical in their households. 


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